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Kim Kardashian Does a Quick Change In NYC

While out in NYC on Tuesday promoting her new ventures, Kim Kardashian kept her look fresh by doing a quick change in between appearances.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian out in NYC

The mom-to-be started off her day in a rose colored dress that tented her growing belly, before changing into a white skirt and lace pink blouse.

On Monday Kim spoke to Access Hollywood about all of the scrutiny she is under since becoming pregnant.

“It’s tough when you see people make all these assumptions ‘she’s gained 75lbs’, and I’m like I haven’t even gained half of  that yet.”

“I like trying to dress for my new body and having my new clothing line custom made for me.  Like the leather pants I wore to our premiere of Temptation.  They custom made they for me. I’ll wear leather but they’ll put in this waist band and I still love to feel stylish and still me. But it is funny to see that everyone has an opinion.  When you are pregnant and you wear heels, they ask.  ‘How can you wear heels?’  That’s what I’m comfortable in. “

kim kardashian temptation premiere

When asked who was more excited Kim initially said it was equal, but then revealed that Kanye West, her partner, may be a little more because he’s not the one that is pregnant.

“He’s so passionate about every thing, but I’m like you’re not going through it.  You are not experiencing what I am. “

He will, however, be experiencing the delivery.  When asked if he will be by her side when the baby arrives, she said, “Of course.”

The couple also knows what they are having but have only shared the sex of the baby with family.



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