Kids Can Build and Store Their LEGO Creations With The Maker’s Chest!

Parents!  How many of you have kids who love LEGO, but are sick of having it in ever crevice of your home?  New on Kickstarter, the Makers Chest is a dynamic storage system for Legos and toys. It cleans up the mess and helps reinforce organizational habits, teaching kids that, if everything has a place, it takes less time to find that perfect part. Larscraft Maker's Chest, A Lego and Toy Storage Solution

Built in Wadsworth Ohio using a CNC router and UV flatbed printer, this gorgeous chest features unique and beautiful voxel graphics printed directly to the wood.

The Maker’s Chest is constructed of the highest quality UV coated plywood and is built to last for generations.   The wood is voidless on all edges, which means the core is beautiful and longer lasting than imported materials. There is a UV clear coat on the inside faces, that makes it easy to clean and protects the surface from spills and hand oils.

The case itself  has six removable trays with protective UV coating that allows parts to slide around easily. Each tray slides out from the chest and has two removable dividers for up to three rows of separation.

Two 100 Newton gas lifters allow the chest to open with ease and keep the lid from falling down during play time and a unique magnetic latch that holds the lid in place when closed.

A large build platform is strategically placed under the lid for children to play with their creations. This also gives kids a place to set those prized builds and keep them safe from little sister’s destructive Godzilla hands, while also keep them off the floor where parents step on them with bare feet.

An optional figure showcase that holds 132 Lego-compatible mini-figures can be installed on the wall or the underside of the Makers Chest lid. The figures do not fall when the lid is closed thanks to the optional Lego-compatible bricks in each compartment (Lego figures not included).

Larscraft lego figure display

One of the biggest feature for us is the level of organization it provides for LEGO fans of all ages.  But, parents of non LEGO fans will love that it can give different action figures and toys their own special places too.

Larscraft Maker's Chest, A Lego and Toy Storage Solution

Whether your kids are into building blocks, Barbies, Star Wars Figures, My Little Ponies or Princesses there are drawers for each toy and a platform for building or play.

Larscraft Maker's Chest, A Lego & Toy Storage Solution

But what is extra cool is that this company was founded because an eight year-old had an idea that he wanted to make a reality. This dream was realized through mentorship, creativity, education, the promotion of STEM subjects, and fun.

Lars and his dad building the cabinets

Now I know you are wondering what this case is going to run you.  As with all Kickstarter Campaigns there are quite a few options for early investors.  You can buy just the Figure Case($55), the Chest on it’s own($295) or the Chest with the Figure Case($345).  Add $50 to have it shipped anywhere in the world and $20 to add the figure base plates.

And did I mention it comes fully assembled?  THAT’S worth its price in gold right there!

Please visit their Kickstarter page for more details.



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