Our Stockpile of Toys Under The Couch

My son rolled his ball under the couch yesterday morning by mistake and beckoned me to come get it. I surveyed how far it had gone under and decided to use the broom to help.

After moving the couch out and swiping underneath it with the broom, I was shocked to see all of the toys that were living underneath our couch.

Stuff I hadn’t seen in AGES started rolling out from all over. There was a red and orange ball (neither the ball that I was sent to find) a CD, plastic letters, shapes from the shape sorter and a spoon.

Once my son saw the toys he was excited and started to laugh and clap like he had just been to the toy store.

I had no idea that he had been stock piling all of his favorites under the couch.

Note to self: when the little monkey is bored – pull out the couch so he can play with all of the stuff he has forgotten about!

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