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New Study Reveals Alarming Number of Children Injured by Falling Televisions

Last week I did a post on baby-proofing your home and in that article, I spoke about tethering your furniture to prevent young ones from being injured.

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Researchers in Halifax urge parents to be more vigilant about the dangers of toppling televisions, as a recent hospital study found that over 100 children visit emergency departments each year due to TV tip-over injuries.

The study, published in the latest issue of Paediatrics and Child Health, was prompted by the case of a child who suffered a severe injury when a television fell on them while playing at home. Dr. Stephanie Dotchin of the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, one of the researchers involved, shared the heartbreaking story: “A little guy was playing at home just like all little guys do. And mom stepped away from the room and she heard a big crash and noticed that her child had a television fallen on top of him.” The child required neurosurgery and is still struggling with mobility and speech due to brain damage.

Upon examining televisions both in homes and at the pediatric hospital, the researchers discovered that the majority of TVs tested were easily susceptible to toppling by children under four years old. As a result of the study, all televisions in the hospital were made secure.

Dotchin emphasized the importance of parents being aware of this risk and taking necessary precautions: “We’d like parents to be conscious that this is a risk in their homes and give thought to where they’re placing their televisions.” She advised anchoring televisions to a console or wall to ensure their safety and prevent accidents like these from occurring.

The study also suggests implementing standards for the anchoring of televisions. Dr. Kevin Gordon from the IWK’s pediatrics department highlighted the issue of cost, speculating that many families hesitate to purchase a console designed specifically for their TV, which often includes an anchor. With TVs becoming larger and more prevalent, the need for proper anchoring has become even more critical.

The researchers identified another common challenge – placing televisions on dressers or surfaces that are not meant to support them, making it easier for children to access them and potentially cause accidents. To mitigate this risk, it is recommended to place televisions on low and stable stands, ideally bracing or anchoring them to the wall.

This study sheds light on a concerning issue that demands immediate attention. By raising awareness and promoting safer practices, we can protect our children from the devastating consequences of TV tip-over accidents.



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