Sick and Pregnant, But Not Always In The Morning

mom sick So, I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I did something on the way to work the other day that I haven’t done since my college days…

I threw up on someone’s front lawn!!!

My tummy has been a living, breathing Pepto Bismol commercial lately (nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach . . . you get the point).

Well, that was apparently mere child’s play.

I woke up that Tuesday, morning and I felt great! I felt well rested, I brushed my teeth without gagging (which is a feat in itself), and I even managed to eat some toast. I headed out on the road to work, amazed at how well I felt. I made it about 7 minutes down the road when I started gagging uncontrollably. That is not unusual these days, so I thought it would pass. However, it quickly became apparent that this was no false alarm.

I frantically started looking around for a garbage can or a somewhat private place to go but quickly discovered I had no choice but to release the contents of my stomach onto some unsuspecting homeowner’s front lawn.

At that exact moment in time I realized at that I had to investigate what options I had for stopping, or at the very least, controlling this new feature of my pregnancy.

I’ve discovered that there a few things that seem to set my sickness off, including:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Most breakfast foods
  • Taking prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach
  • Change in motion
  • and most recently I’ve discovered flying doesn’t work for me.

Treatments for morning sickness typically aim to reduce the symptoms of nausea, and at this point I’m willing to try anything.

Some tricks that currently work for me are:

  • Avoiding an empty stomach – Which can be particularly challenging if nothing seems to want to stay in your stomach.
  • Eating dry crackers in the morning.
  • Eating five or six small meals per day, rather than three large ones.
  • Ginger, in capsules, tea, ginger ale, gingersnaps
  • Drinking liquids 30 to 45 minutes after eating solid food.
  • Sucking on ice cubes made from water or fruit juice.
  • Lemons, particularly the smelling of freshly cut lemons.

Additionally, one of my girlfriend’s recommended Preggie Pops to me. These candies are naturally flavored and designed for pregnant women who are in the same boat as me. I don’t know what makes them work but the sour flavors ease my nausea! On top of the other 10 remedies I follow daily, I now keep a handful of these candies in my desk, purse and on the counter at home.

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Tanya is the mother of a handsome little boy. She hopes to inspire her children to lead a life filled with happiness, giggles, gratitude, joy and giving. Her favorite quote is: "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone"

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