‘Smoking Baby’ Pic Catches The Attention Of Social Services

Rebecca Davey, 18 has caused outrage and caught the attention of Social Services after she posted a picture on Facebook of her six-month-old son with an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

 'Smoking Baby' Pic Catches The Attention Of Social Services

A online friend reported the inappropriate photo to police who then followed up with a visit to the teen’s house.

 'Smoking Baby' Pic Catches The Attention Of Social Services

While they found there was ‘no immediate concerns’ for the child’s welfare, Social services has now also made inquiries.

Rebecca then updated her status to read: ‘Some w***** reported me to the police abwt picture off ollie.’ and then she declared her love for her son, writing: ‘Why Would SomeOne Do That To Me U Ollie No was taking U Yur Mine for lyfee Darlinggg Mummy Loves You :)’

Her friends rushed to her support, with one writing on her page: ‘Some ppl r nosey f****** aint they!! dw [don’t worry] ur a good mum they wont hassle u 4 long!!!’

But another said: ‘What chance has the kid got if the family behave like this?’

The photo has since been removed.


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  • Okay, maybe it was the greatest of ideas to do this but I don’t think it’s anything that the police should have gotten involved in. Just like taking nude pics of your baby (and every parent does), it’s not a good idea to post them online because they can fall into the hands of pedophiles or be used against you for child porn by the police and CPS.

    CPS is corrupt and out of control already. This was just an innocent picture albeit a bad idea. I just hope CPS doesn’t substantiate a case against her.

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