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Stroller Comparison – 6 Double Inline Strollers

The Double Inline stroller is one of the best options for parents who looking to expand their families and not have to buy a new buggy.

Each stroller in this category starts as a single and can be increased to accommodate a second child if a new baby arrives.  phil&teds is credited with creating the first Inline double.  Today they offer many different Inline options for parents!  You can visit their website for a comparison of all of their strollers.

Picking what stroller will work the best for your family can be stressful so we have put some of our favorites side by side so that you can compare all of their features.

For our comparison, I wanted to include the 6 most popular single to doubles on the market; the Britax B-Ready, the Baby Jogger City Select, the UPPAbaby Vista, the Stokke Crusi, Orbit’s G3 and Phil&Ted’s newest Inline double – the Voyager.

Stroller Comparison - 6 Double Inline Strollers

As singles, all of these strollers offer parents a top notch strolling experience.  When you add the second seat, each stroller has strengths that work for families of different lifestyles.

Below I’ve listed the specs on each stroller.

Stroller Comparison ~ 6 Double Inline Strollers

To learn more about each stroller, please scroll down for its description.

Britax B-Ready

Britax B-ready stroller

Introduced in 2011, the B-Ready is a great stroller for families from birth.  This buggy can be used with a newborn in the optional bassinet or infant seat.  When your child is over 6 months they can ride using the stroller’s seat.  When you add a second child, you can use the infant seat on either the top or bottom stroller connectors, or have them sleep on-the-go  in the optional bassinet.  The B-Ready comes infant seat ready if you are using the Britax Chaperone or B-Safe infants, or parents can purchase an additional attachment to use their existing car seat.  If you are planning to use the B-Ready with a toddler you can purchase the additional seat to attach where the storage basket sits.

Between the bassinet, infant seat and stroller seat, parents have 14 different strolling options while out with their kids.

Britaz B-ready stroller configurations

What makes this stroller awesome is that it’s footprint is comfortable and the stroller folds up with the second seat attached, which is convenient for busy parents.

The stroller as a single retails for $499.  The second seat retails for $149.

Baby Jogger City Select

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Debuted in 2010, the Baby Jogger was the first stroller to offer parents a second seat that could be configured so many ways.  A game changer, the City Select is still one of the top strollers on the market for parents looking to expand their families.

With over 16 possible configurations parents can chose to have their children stroll front facing, parent facing, sibling facing or whatever you need.

Baby Jogger City Select configuration chart

From birth, parents can use the City Select with the stroller seat, with an infant seat or with the optional bassinet.  When another child arrives just snap adapters on the front of the stroller and you can now use the stroller with a second infant seat, bassinet or stroller seat.  As a bonus a third child can ride on a board that can be purchased specially for the City Select and attached to the back frame.

The stroller as a single retails for $499The second seat retails for $179 and the bassinet conversion kit is an additional $99.

UPPABaby Vista

UPPAbaby Vista stroller

Redesigned last year, the UPPABaby Vista can be configured for your lifestyle – as just a single or car seat/stroller seat, stroller seat/bassinet, two car seats, two bassinets, two stroller seats.  Regardless of how you like to stroll this stroller can make it happen!

Unlike any other stroller in its category, the Vista also comes with a bassinet.  From birth parents can use this stroller with an infant seat, bassinet or the stroller’s seat.  If a new baby arrives, parents can add adapters to the front of the stroller to double up on infant seats, bassinets or toddler seats.  A buggy board is also available for the Vista as well to make long walks easier for a third child!

UPPABaby shows 8 configurations for this stroller because they are the most common, but it can do as many as the City Select when using the bassinet, infant seat and rumble seat.

UppaBaby Vista configurations

The UPPABaby Vista retails for $839.  The Rumbleseat is an additional $179.

Phil&Teds Voyager

Phil and teds voyager stroller

New for 2016, the Voyager can be used from birth with an infant seat or the included stroller seat, that can also be converted into a bassinet.  As your family grows, a second seat can be added to the back of the stroller to accommodate an older child, while the new baby’s infant seat can be docked in the main seat’s spot.

phil and teds voyager stroller car seat and stroller seat

If your child prefers a better view, the infant seat can also be attached on the back.

phil and teds voyager stroller bassinet and stroller seat

One feature that I love about this stroller is that it can be folded with both seats on!

This stroller can also be used with phil&teds freerider stroller board.

The Voyager retails for $749

Stokke Crusi

Stokke Crusi stroller

From Birth the Stokke Crusi is a great stroller.  Parents can use it with an infant car seat, bassinet or the stroller’s seat.

Stokke Crusi with Nuna Pipa Stokke Crusi bassinet and second seat

When a second child arrives parents can add a second seat to the back of the stroller.  The main seat on the Crusi is the same seat that is included with the Xplory and Stokke’s Trailz stroller.

Stokke Crusi configurations

The second seat is different, and is the one sold with the Scoot Stroller.  Easy to install, parents just need to add a couple of adapters and the the seat clips in easily.  Because it is at the back of the stroller, the seat is not reversible and the spot will not accept an infant seat.  It is, however, a great option for parents who already have the stroller and want to be able to use it longer after a second child arrives.

The Stokke Crusi retails for $1249.00 and the second seat is an additional $300.

Orbit G3

Orbit G3 stroller

The Orbit G3 has been our go-to stroller for many years now.  I love it’s versatility, the design and fold of the stroller.  To allow parents to use it for longer, Orbit introduced their double kit a couple years ago.  The kit attaches to the back of the stroller adding a second Smarthub and a ShadePad, which doubles as a tablet holder.

Orbit G3 double kit install

If you purchased an Infant seat and stroller seat for your first child, you can use both at the same time for #1 and #2.  The additional kit is $300 if you already have the G3 Frame.  To start from scratch Orbit offers a Growing Family package that includes everything your need for both kids.

The only downfall about this system is that it only works with Orbit’s accessories.  Because their strollers use the SmartHub technology, all of their gear has the matching SmartHub adapters on them to work with their frames and bases.

The company, however, has some of the best, and safest gear designs in the baby industry so if you plan to go with Orbit you can’t lose.  Both the infant car seat and toddler car seats are good for 7 years from the date of manufacture, which means you could use them for multiple babies if you time it right!

Orbit G3 doubles kit 2 toddler seats Orbit G3 doubles kit bassinet and toddler seat The stroller can also take an Orbit Sidekick on each side if you have pre-schoolers that want a bit of a break.

The Growing Family Kit($1560) includes the Stroller Base + Stroller Seat + Sunshade + Helix Plus Kit + Infant Car Seat & Car Seat Base.  On its own, the stroller retails for $849 with the G3 frame and stroller seat.


The big difference between these strollers(besides price) is where the second seat is placed.  Both UPPAbaby and Baby Jogger add their second seat to the front, which gives it more functionality.  It also allows the kids to look at each other while strolling or both face out.  Because the positioning on these seats in more like a stadium seating set-up, each child gets a good view.

When you add the seat to the back of the stroller it reduces the size of the stroller and keeps the package more compact.  With that being said, a child who is used to sitting in the main seat will be less willing to sit in the second seat of one these strollers because their view is restricted by the back of the seat.   For this reason, I like that you can add the infant seat to the back seat on the Orbit, B-Ready and Voyager.

Choosing the right stroller can be a daunting task because everyone’s lifestyle is different.  I love that all of these strollers will grow with your family as you need them too!

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