Teen Helps Mom Deliver Baby on her Birthday

It wasn’t the 16th birthday gift Kaitlyn Carrick had expected to receive, but as the day unfolded she not only got the best surprise of her life – she got a new baby sister!

New Arrival - Kylee Elizabeth Carrick!

When Orlando mom Kim Carrick woke up with back cramps early Monday morning, she knew labor was imminent and asked Kaitlyn to take her to the Winter Park Memorial Hospital in their minivan.

Even as Kaitlyn sped to get to the hospital the contractions became stronger and stronger. Finally, at the intersection of Goldenrod Road and Aloma Avenue – about two miles from the hospital the baby’s head started coming out and Kaitlyn had to stop the car.

The quick-thinking teen contacted 911 and with the help of the dispatcher assisted her mother in delivering her baby sister. A passerby also stopped to help and it was his shoelace that tied the baby’s umbilical cord!

Paramedics finally arrived to take the mother and the newborn to the hospital where Kaitlyn also received the honor of naming her little sister Kylee Elizabeth Carrick, who is now going to share her birthday with a very special sibling.

“I didn’t know what to feel, happy, excited, and scared — all at the same time,” said Kaitlyn. “This was the best birthday ever.”

– Atula, Staff Writer

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