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3669100_s Many parents worry that the choices they make in parenting can affect the health of their children. Some studies have shown that little changes, such as breastfeeding or stopping smoking can help children be healthier. This week’s link round-up explores some of the effects of our parenting choices.

  • Can breastfeeding give children stronger muscles? A new study suggests that teens who were breastfed as children may have stronger muscles than those who were not. It seems that breast milk does a body good.
  • We know that smoking can raise our blood pressure, but what about the children of smokers? Children whose parents smoke around them have been found to suffer from higher blood pressure as well.
  • Could regular family dinners make your children healthier? According to a post at Babble, eating regular family dinners decreases a child’s chances of smoking, trying drugs, and developing an eating disorder. Who knew dinner time could be so important?
  • According to the latest reports, asthma is on the rise. Nearly 25 million people in the US are affected by the condition. Children are among those who are often the most affected with the condition.
  • Infants may be able to process language in the same way that an adult can? According to new findings, infants can grasp words in the same manner as adults using the same brain areas. This could make talking to your infant even more important.
  • Do close pregnancies increase the risk of autism? A new study may have found that having pregnancies closer together could increase your child’s risk of having autism.
  • We’ve all been told that fluoride is good for our teeth, but some parents are wondering if toddlers really need daily fluoride. MyBaby has the debate on fluoride laid out for parents who are uncertain which way to go.

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