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Trista and Ryan Expecting Baby#2

Former Reality Stars, Trista and Ryan Sutter have announced exclusively to Life and Style that they’re expecting Baby #2.

Sharing the joyous news of their second pregnancy with the magazine, Trista, who’s just more than three months along, and Ryan express their excitement and fears about what this pregnancy will bring:

L&S: How soon after Max’s July 2007 birth did you start trying again?

Trista: I was only on birth control for a couple of months. We thought that if it took us as long as it did with Max — two years — why try to prevent it? So we started trying in January.

L&S: Were you surprised you were able to get pregnant so quickly?

Trista: I was in total shock! I took a few tests, and they all came back negative. But a few weeks after Max’s 1st birthday, all of a sudden I thought to myself, I don’t think I’ve had my period in a while. So I took another test — the line was extremely faint, but it was there!

L&S: Did you tell Ryan right away?

Trista: He was there. I had just taken the test when Ryan came up the stairs. I showed it to him and said, “I think I’m pregnant.” His first words were, “Holy crap!” It was positive shock, one of the best kinds you can have in your life.

L&S: After Max’s birth, you said you’d love to have a little girl. If you don’t have one this time, will you and Ryan keep trying?

Trista: I did say that — I’m such a girlie girl. But I’ve become really neutral about it all. I just want a really happy and healthy baby. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the God’s honest truth. I would love to have a little girl, but I also love having a boy. Ryan has a brother, and they’re about the same age difference as Max will be with his new sibling. So it would be fun to have two boys, too.

L&S: So if you have another boy, will this baby be the last?

Trista: If we don’t have a girl, I’ve thought about the possibility of adopting. It came up in conversation because I’m leaning toward having my tubes tied! I think I’ll be happy with two kids. But then again, I was perfectly happy with just having Max. If we hadn’t been able to get pregnant again, I was 100 percent happy with my life. This new baby will just add a little bit more life and spirit and happiness and fun!

The rest of the interview and some exclusive pictures can be seen in this week’s Life and Style Magazine.

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