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UK Mom Designs Chair To Aid Breastfeeding in Public

Any mom who has tried to find a comfortable place to breast feed while out of the house will definitely appreciate Nicola Hart’s new chair.

The 22 year-old student at De Montfort University (DMU), came up with her design after watching a programme about the problems faced by breastfeeding mothers.

In the UK, women who breastfeed in places such as restaurants or bars can be charged under public order or indecency legislation but a new law will soon make it an offence to stop any woman from breastfeeding a baby up to the age of six months.

Nicola’s chair not only provides a good breastfeeding posture which is comfortable and supporting, it also takes into consideration other people’s attitudes in relation to breastfeeding in public and helps keep it discreet using privacy wings.

“The chair’s high back provides good back and neck support while providing an ergonomically sound posture. The low-cushioned arm rests and wide seat provide plenty of room for the mother and baby,” she said.

It also has a foot rest for shorter users and an in-built table.

Claire Hadjipetrou, co-leader of La Leche League Leicester, said she thought Nicola’s idea was very innovative.

“Usually the ‘breastfeeding room’ is a baby changing room with dirty nappies and a chair that isn’t comfortable or practical.

“This looks like a chair that is designed to be seen in public – where breastfeeding mothers should be! All around us, discreetly feeding their hungry babies,” she said.

“It is a great idea – it caters for the breastfeeding mother in several ways – a table for the essential drink the mother needs whilst feeding during early days; it offers the opportunity to feed discreetly with the ‘wings’ shielding mother from passers by; and has somewhere for the mother to rest weary feet.

I like it! It looks like it would give moms the privacy while also giving them support. I could see some establishments ordering this chair if Nicola offered different fabrics or colors. Related Articles:



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