UK Mom Gained 100lbs While Pregnant With Her Son

Emily Barton’s pregnancy took an unexpected turn when she gained a staggering 7 stone (98lbs) due to a massive ovarian cyst that was wrapping itself around her unborn son. This incredible waist expansion was not due to indulgence, but rather a dangerous threat to her baby’s life.

Moms cyst causes her to gain over 100 pounds while pregnant

Facing a life-threatening situation, Emily underwent an emergency cesarean section. During the procedure, doctors discovered that the massive cyst contained a shocking 18 pints of fluid.

“After the surgery, I felt incredibly light. It was as if a burden had been lifted,” said the relieved 30-year-old mother. “I can’t believe I had such a large cyst growing inside me.”

Emily and her husband Rob were overjoyed when they discovered they were expecting a child in July 2005. However, at the 12-week ultrasound, they received shocking news – Emily had a 3 1/2 inch cyst on her right ovary.

“The news took me by surprise. I was worried about the potential impact on the baby,” Emily shared. “The doctors explained that they couldn’t remove the cyst because it was attached, but they assured me they would closely monitor it. But I couldn’t help but worry.”

Regular scans revealed that the cyst was growing at an alarming rate, causing Emily severe pain as her growing baby struggled for space. The baby’s position was constantly being pushed to one side by the expanding cyst.

“My pain was so intense that I thought I was in labor. I couldn’t understand how my baby could survive with such a fast-growing cyst,” Emily recalled. “My belly was growing at twice the normal rate, and friends even joked that I was going to have a giant baby.”

By the time Emily was nearing the end of her pregnancy, her weight had skyrocketed from 13 stone to 20 stone. The physical strain became overwhelming, as she struggled to perform simple tasks like bathing and putting on her own shoes.

“When I had my scans, the sonographer couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was unlike anything she had witnessed before,” Emily explained.

In April of the following year, Emily underwent a caesarean section, giving birth to baby Sam, who weighed 6lb 15oz. The cyst, now a foot across, took an additional two hours to remove.

“The immediate relief I felt after the surgery was indescribable. I felt lighter and could finally see my own toes,” Emily exclaimed.

While the family was able to take their new baby home after ten days, their struggles were not over. Baby Sam was diagnosed with a heart defect and required an operation at just four months old.

“We were terrified of him having surgery, but we knew that if he could survive nine months battling against the enormous cyst, he could get through this. He’s a fighter,” Emily shared.

Thankfully, the operation was successful, and Sam was discharged from the hospital after a week. Despite having to have regular checkups every six months due to the presence of pre-cancerous cells in the cyst, Emily has managed to lose all the weight she gained during pregnancy. She looks forward to sharing the incredible story of her son’s birth with him in the future.


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