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10-Ounce Baby Born In South Carolina

Update: The tiny baby born lost her fight early Thursday morning from complications related to her premature birth. Our thoughts are with the family.

A tiny baby born girl in South Carolina has survived the first week of her life, despite overwhelming odds.

Dye’mon Dodd weighed only 10 ounces at birth and had a 30 percent chance of survival.

Her mother, Yolanda Austin, said, “She was a blessing. She still is a blessing because she’s my little miracle baby.”

The tiny infant’s footprint is barely bigger than a thumbnail. She weighed less than a can of soda and she is still less than 10 inches long.

Yolanda was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, a potentially life-threatening disorder that causes high blood pressure, so she was forced to deliver the baby more than three months prematurely.

“God is on our side because if He wasn’t, He would have taken her way before now,” Austin said.

The family is just taking Dye’mon’s fight for life a day at a time, hoping that the miracle baby will continue to gain weight.

And they continue to stay hopeful about her future. The little fighter wasn’t due to arrive until December 27th.

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