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1,000 Moms In Vietnam Set Mass Breastfeeding Record

In an attempt to promote the importance of breastfeeding 1,000 moms in three cities set a mass breastfeeding record.

“Breast milk is a precious source of nutrition for infants. That’s why we organise this event,” said Nguyen Tuan Hai, the northern regional executive manager of Vietnam Dairy Joint Stock company.

Breast milk, which contains the appropriate amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat provides essential vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and hormones for infants’ requirement to grow.

“By breastfeeding my baby, I not only give her the important nutrition, but also give her my love and she knows that,” Nguyen Bich Huyen who was breastfeeding her 8-month old daughter.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I loved breastfeeding my son because it was time that only the two of us spent together. It is nice when they cuddle right in. You just can’t get that bonding with bottle feeding.



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