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Deadly Kiss: Baby Dies from Virus

On Tuesday a newborn baby girl lost her fight after catching a common virus shortly after being born earlier this month.


Marathon Surgery for Baby with Brain Growing Outside of Her Skull

A five-month-old girl named Ebrar, the child of a Syrian refugee who settled in Winnipeg, underwent a nine hour surgery at Children’s Hospital on Tuesday.


Study: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Rises for Canadian Kids Under 5

A new study finds that Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease. The number of young children being diagnosed with this lifelong disease has risen dramatically over the past two decades.


15 Foods You Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t)

With the explosion of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, many people are taking their health more seriously. They are exercising and eating better . . . or are they? See, when the health food craze started, food manufacturers started realizing they were losing profits. To compensate, they tried to meet the demand of health-conscious consumers. Many turned to “fat-free” foods, whole grains, and even gluten-free and vegetarian options. But the jig is up! These pseudo health foods aren’t really good for you. Many contain fillers, have high sugar content, or just aren’t quite what you think they are. To help you avoid some of the biggest deceivers, Growing Your Baby is revealing the top 10 health foods you think are healthy but aren’t.


Keep Your Family’s Skin Soft And Hydrated With Aveeno Baby Eczema Care

For years, one of our struggles has been keeping our son’s eczema under control. Now with the Winter upon us, he has been having more flare-ups on his chest and legs. Because the itchiness drives him crazy we have started to change a few things about his routine to see if we can alleviate some of the discomfort.


Experts Urging for Restrictions on Codeine for Children, Touting Serious Risk

Codeine, an opioid painkiller that is often added to cough medicines and some prescription medications, have been given to children for decades. Unfortunately, some of those very same children have suffered from serious health complications because of the opioid drug. Experts are now urging for restrictions.


Downside of Antibiotics for Kids: More Food Allergies

In a new study reported in the journal Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology researchers say that early exposure to antibiotics can increase the risk of children developing food allergies.


Experts Say the “Sugar High” in Children is Just a Myth

Every parent dreads the so-called “sugar high” that seems to come during every birthday party, Halloween, and Christmas. However, experts say that this phenomenon is nothing more than a myth. That’s right: a myth. Parents will say otherwise, of course, but the experts give a fairly convincing argument in a recent interview with Live Science.


Zika-Related Baby Death in Texas Confirmed: Second Death in U.S. Linked to Mosquito Virus

Since it first became a global threat in 2007, Zika has led to more than 1,800 illnesses throughout the United States. Six have been linked directly to mosquito bites, but most have been travel-related, most often acquired overseas. This is thought to be the way that a newborn infant, who was recently confirmed as the second Zika-related death in the United States, contracted the highly feared mosquito virus.


B.C. Mom Urges Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids After Her Baby Contracts Whooping Cough

Isabelle Braiden is only 10-weeks-old, but the tiny baby has been in the pediatric intensive care unit for more than a month after contracting whooping cough and needed to be on a ventilator for weeks.


FDA Approves Clinical Trial for Zika Virus Vaccine

On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave approval for a clinical trial for an experimental vaccine to combat a disease that has rapidly emerged as a global health threat: Zika virus.