5 Comfortable Ways To Support Your Belly During Pregnancy

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that at some point, you wish that someone could carry your belly for you. My youngest son was born in January weighing 8lbs 9ozs. Closer to the end of my pregnancy I definitely needed a bit of extra support too keep me comfortable.Pregnancy requires a lot from your body and brings extra weight to your back muscles and spine.


Here are 5 products that will help support your belly and keep you comfy as your baby grows:

  1. Bella Band – I wore my Bella Band from 16 weeks on. It’s great design helped bridge the gap between a ‘not long enough’ T, while giving me a bit of a lift when the baby started to drop. $25
  2. Belly Sling– The Bellysling maternity support was designed to reduce groin pain during pregnancy, relieve back pain during pregnancy , minimize stretch marks, decrease varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It can be positioned 4 different ways to relieve different kinds of belly pressure. $40
  3. Amon Maternity Belly Band – This user-friendly alternative to a maternity belt, provides extra belly and lower back support. It also creates a smooth look under clothing. A must-have body shaper support piece for all pregnant women.$25 available in 3 colors.
  4. Spanx Power Mama – Spanx Power Mama Panties are made especially for mamas-to-be! Soft Lycra and nylon yarns stretch with your growing belly and provide lower back support to give you and your baby a break! These miracle panties shape the rear and thighs as they expand along with your tummy. $32
  5. Bella Jane Pregnancy Compression Briefs – These briefs will relieve the back pain and provide you with a gentle, yet firm abdominal support. This support will also keep your legs and back strong during pregnancy. $69


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