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Amazing Black and White Twins Create Excitement At German Hospital

When brothers Ryan and Leo arrived last Friday they caused a sensation at the Sana Hospital in Lichtenberg, Germany.


The fact that they one baby was black and the other was white caused guests to crowd around to greet the new arrivals.

For one twin to be black and one to be white is so rare that it is thought by medical experts to be a one in a million occurrence.

The new mom, Florence, 35, hails from Ghana, west Africa while daddy Stephan is German.

Although the couple were surprised by the children’s different colourings the most important thing was that the babies were healthy.

Aside from having different skin colours, the twins are already showing that they have different personalities.

Light-skinned Ryan is described as a ‘spirited’ baby, while laidback brother Leo is a lot calmer.

Senior doctor Birgit Weber, who helped deliver the tots by ceasarean section, said that in 20 years of practice this was the first time she had seen differently coloured twins.

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  • I don’t understand what all the excitment is.

    Although one baby is darker than the other, it is obvious that both babies are black. If I had just seen the lighter one without his brother next to him, I would not even question that he was black.

  • I guess because Leo and his mom are so dark, it was a surprise when the second baby came out so light.

    While Ryan is not the whitest baby I have ever seen, he is definitely closer to his dad’s colouring than his moms.

  • Both babies are NOT black. Both babies are of mixed races, they are half Black and half White. You shouldn’t discredit their father’s heritage.

  • I agree 100% that both babies are mixed. The mother is black and the father is white therefore they are mixed or bi-racial not black. It makes me mad when people refer to a chile as being black when that is not their true heritage. Give credit to both parents.

  • I guess twins have it bad enough, constantly being compared but just because their parents are of different “races” they will be even more scrutinized.

    Plenty of “coloured” people marry and have children of different shades, so what’s the big deal?

    Just the other day someone was surprised when I told them that the darkest of my children was mine. I couldn’t help but wonder why they assumed she was not one of mine.

    Folks need to get out and see the world!

    One of the things I like about living in South Asia is that now when I fill out a form, I don’t have to tick “Black but not Hispanic”. I can tick “other”.

  • half-cast people have it hard already… You always wonder which side is the most present for them so imagine about twins. That will be a nightmare for them !

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