Angel Guard-Infant Car Bed Preemies

Angel Guard-Infant Car Bed For Low Birthweight Infants

While our son was in the NICU, we met many parents who were able to bring their babies home at 4 – 4.5lbs .

Most car seats are rated for infants weighing over 5lbs, so I always wondered how these parents got their preemies home.

The Angel Guard-Infant Car Bed helps enable hospitals to send infants home earlier buy providing for supine or prone positioning.

It is specifically designed for special needs infants weighing less than 9 pounds and measuring less than 20 inches. It allows the child to be positioned on stomach or, if medically necessary, on back or side according to individual needs. The Infant Car Bed also provides: a five degree surface which raises the infant”s head to facilitate breathing, a patented wrap-around harness to create added protection during a sudden stop or crash, a fabric harness to cushion buckle while allowing quick release, improved vehicle installation system to ensure a more secure fit, and finally a deep, fully padded shell to combine impact protection with ventilation.

I think the unconventional nature of this bed may throw some parents off. I wonder if it is safer for them to be lying sideways in case of a rear-end accident?

The bonus to this bed would be that you could put it in the middle and have full access to the baby while you are driving.

Preemie parents may actually get good use out of this bed. Our son didn’t weigh 9lbs until he was 8 months corrected.

  • Not recommended for use in aircraft
  • Specifically designed for transporting infants, particularly those weighing less than 5 lbs. and with special medical needs
  • For use with infants up to 9 lbs. and 20 in

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