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Angelina Jolie Depicted as Virgin Mary

Mother of three, Angelina Jolie has been depicted as the Virgin Mary in a painting by Kate Kretz, due to be revealed at Art Miami Fair tomorrow.

While I think she is doing a great job overseas with her humanity work and she is probably a great mother, the Virgin Mary she is not.

What has this world come to? Just because you are beautiful and you have a beautiful baby that doesn’t make you a “sacred biblical figure”.

Angelina herself would probably find this amusing knowing her rebellious background before having children.

We really need to rethink what is worthy of being placed on a pedestal. There are parents in this world who have children that are not able to communicate or move freely without assistance. They work endlessly with them for hours just to see little progress or a small smile. These are the people we should be putting up on pedestals, not movie stars.

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