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Another Cardboard Cradle!

Earlier this year I was surprised to find a crib that was made of Cardboard. I was not impressed with the style or look of the crib. It appeared to just be a box with a mattress, lacking in safety features and personality.

When I saw this cradle over at Yokiddo I had a completely different feeling.

This cradle has a fun “gingerbread” like design that almost looks like wood. The cardboard could be thick enough to accommodate a infant up to the age of 4 or 5 months old.

ReturDesign, from Sweden, is a company that appreciates the environment and that is probably where the cardboard design evolved from.

This product is perfect for eco-conscious parents. After you are done having kids, you can break it down for the recycle truck to take away or pass it on to a friend to use with their baby.

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