Another Set Of Sextuplets On The Way

A women in Florida will set a state birth record if she successfully delivers her sextuplets later this summer.

Patty and Jack Kiewra were ‘stunned and speechless’ when they found out that their daughter was expecting 6 babies.

Karoline will be 20 weeks pregnant Monday, and doctors hope she can make it to at least 30 to 32 weeks before the babies are born by cesarean section.

“The longer, the better,” said Patty, who is praying for a successful outcome for her daughter. Byler received fertility treatments this time around, just as she did before her first pregnancy when she delivered her daughter Zoe, who will turn 4 on Aug. 14.

If all goes well, the families have learned, the births of the sextuplets will be a first in Florida history.

Karoline learned from doctors at Bayfront Medical Hospital in St. Petersburg, where she and her husband plan to deliver, that the births would set a new state record for multiple births.

The news, Karoline added, was confirmed by MOST Network, whose acronym represents Mothers of Super Twins, a group of mothers with three or more births, which Karoline has joined.

“I was told no one in Florida has ever delivered six or more babies before,” Karoline said. “There have only been 15 cases of sextuplets in the United States, and only seven have survived infancy.”

The families are praying for the babies.

We wish these babies at least 10 weeks in the womb. I do not want to report next week that they have arrived!

After covering this exact situation a few times it starts to frustrate me that all these couples talk about leaving things in Gods hands.

These babies need a high calorie diet with a good prenatal vitamin to grow. They need low activity while in utero and a good NICU team to take care of them when they arrive.

Once again, I feel like everyone has rose coloured glasses while viewing this situation. It is going to take a village to raise these babies if they are able to hold on for 8-10 more weeks to arrive.


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