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Toddler In China Has Surgery To Remove Pins From His Body

A one-year-old boy in southern China is about to have surgery after doctors found he had six sewing needles in his body.

Newspapers report the parents took the baby to a hospital because he had been crying for several days and not eating well.

The child’s parents, who are migrant workers, said they had no idea how the needles ended up in their son.

The Beijing Youth Daily ran a color photo of an X-ray showing five needles throughout the boy’s torso. The Beijing Morning Post had X-ray closeups including one that showed a needle that had apparently been pushed through the top of the child’s head.

The photographs showed the needles completely embedded inside the boy.

The parents say no strangers have come into contact with him.

How does a one year old get 5 needles in his body without anyone seeing? Could this be the world of an older sibling or a neighbourhood child? Let’s hope there is no long term damage.


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