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One-Year-Old Boy in China to Undergo Surgery: Six Sewing Needles Found in His Body

A young boy in southern China will undergo surgery after doctors discovered six sewing needles embedded in his body. Concerned for their child’s health, the parents took him to the hospital as he had been crying for several days and experiencing poor appetite.


The parents, who are migrant workers, have expressed their confusion and shock regarding how the needles ended up inside their son.

Photographs published by the Beijing Youth Daily and the Beijing Morning Post depict X-rays of the boy’s body, revealing five needles scattered throughout his torso. Astonishingly, one close-up X-ray showcased a needle that had seemingly been pushed through the top of the child’s head.

These images provide a grim indication of the needles being fully embedded within the boy’s body.

The parents affirm that no strangers have had contact with their child.

How did a one-year-old end up with five needles in his body without anyone noticing? Could this be the doing of an older sibling or a child from the neighborhood? Let’s hope there are no lasting repercussions from this disturbing incident.


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