Bindeez Beads Recalls

Australian Toy ‘Bindeez Beads’ Recalled After Found Containing GHB

Australia’s 2007 Toy of the Year ‘Bindeez Beads’ has announced an immediate voluntary recall after it was found to contain a chemical that converts into a dangerous drug when eaten.

Three children have been taken to hospital in the past two weeks after eating the beads, which have been found to contain a chemical that breaks down into the potentially fatal drug fantasy, also known as GHB or GBH.

Distributor Moose Enterprise said today that parents and carers of children should immediately remove the product.

“The company has advised that if the product has been swallowed, parents should seek immediate medical attention, even if the child is not showing any adverse symptoms,” the company said.

Named as Australia’s 2007 Toy of the Year, the Bindeez range of craft toys has been pulled from shelves nationwide after Victoria today joined the other states in imposing a formal ban on its sale.

The company said the safety of children is its first priority.

“In order to best protect the safety of children who have, or may, come into contact with the toy, the company has voluntarily recalled the product and is fully co-operating with health and consumer affairs organisations,” the company said.

It said the toys were made by internationally approved manufacturers in China and were subject to world-standard independent testing.

“Moose Enterprise has not experienced any safety concerns with its products since the company was purchased by its current management team six years ago,” the company said.

I am not sure if this toy was sold in North America? Probably just through Ebay…


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