Baby Abandoned TWICE in One Day

A mom that was reportedly on drugs, gave her baby to a man who gave her a ride.

Once he arrived home, he and his wife wrapped the baby in a blanket, attached a note, drove to a Portage hospital, and left the baby on an emergency room counter.

The 5-month-old girl, who was dirty and hungry but otherwise in good health, was placed in foster care after Sunday’s events, police said.

“The main thing is the baby is safe,” said LaPorte Police Chief of Detectives Dennis Behenna.

Police said Michael Williams was driving home from work in LaPorte early Sunday when he was stopped by a woman he knows holding her baby. She asked the man to give her a ride to Gary, and when they arrived the woman exited the car and asked Williams to take her baby.

A hospital worker found the baby and called child protective services, who in turn placed the baby in temporary foster care.

The child’s grandmother later reported her daughter and the child missing. The mother checked into a Gary hospital for treatment, police said, and later called police wanting her child back.

Absolutely heartbreaking. I could never bear to be without my son, let alone hand him off to some random person.


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