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Baby Born Breach On A Shrimp Boat

This may be the most primitive birth story I have ever heard.

Baby Brian Edward Mawhorr is known in Florida as “The Big Shrimp”, but his parents Cindy and Edward Kiesel call him their Miracle Baby.

Brian arrived unexpectedly, Wednesday while his parents were out on their boat fishing for shrimp.

With a first aid book and very few sterile items to assist them, the baby came out feet first not breathing.

The new daddy started CPR and finally sucked some fluid out of the baby’s mouth and he started breathing.

Using a shrimp scale on the boat, Edward weighed the baby, who tipped the scales at 7 1/2 pounds.

The boat sailed out of Fort Myers, Fla. and had been shrimping off Freeport since the Texas season opened on July 15.

“There were three of us when we went out and four of us when we came in,” Kiesel said.

The baby’s first bottle was an emptied and boiled soy sauce bottle with a nipple made from the finger of a rubber shrimper’s glove. He was swaddled in paper and cloth towels.

Friends met the boat with blankets, diapers, bottles and other things to outfit the baby.

The new parents predict their son will never suffer from seasickness.

“He was conceived on a shrimp boat and he was on a shrimp boat all the time I carried him and he was born on a shrimp boat,” she said. “He’s used to moving around.”

The most sterile thing they had on board was Cindy’s breastmilk. I have no idea why they didn’t just latch him on. Who uses a soy sauce bottle and a glove tip to feed a baby when you have breasts that are full of MILK!!!



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