Backpacker Mistakes Birth for Gastro Bug

A 37-year-old backpacker, Lena, had a pretty dramatic turn of events during her adventures after giving birth to a five pound baby girl in the bathroom of her Australian hostel. She was completely unaware that she was in labor, let alone pregnant.

Doctors had told Lena a few years ago that her chances of ever getting pregnant were slim because she was going through early menopause. According to Lena, this was why she never gave the signs of pregnancy a second thought. “I just assumed I couldn’t have a baby. I thought I’d been through menopause so that was the end of that,” said Lena.

Lena assumed her growing belly was the result of overconsumption of pastas that she had been eating over the last several weeks and, according to Lena, she thought her labor pains were a horrible gastro bug.

“I honestly had no idea I was pregnant, none at all. I thought I had a gastro bug. I just remember sitting on the toilet thinking I was going to die from gastro. It was terrible. Then, all of a sudden, I pushed and she came out,” Lena told reporters.

Her roommates, Mathieu Caron and Antoine Flinois had no idea that Lena was pregnant either and they were in shocked when they heard a baby crying in the bathroom.

“I was working on my laptop and Lena came into the room but the light was off so I couldn’t see at that stage that she was holding a baby,” roommate Caron said. “But then she said to me, ‘Help, help!’ so I turned my laptop to light up the room and then I saw the baby.”

Upon seeing Lena’s situation, Caron woke up their other roommate Flinois and helped Lena sit down. Caron then called for help.

Little Bethany and her mother are now resting in the maternity ward of Manly Hospital in Sydney. In regards to what the future holds for the new mother-daughter pair, Lena says, “I have had absolutely no preparation, none at all…but it’s okay. We’ll make it work!”

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