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‘Black And White’ Twins Celebrate First Birthday

Remember the fascinating twins I shared with you last October? Well, they’re now a year old and still as remarkable as ever!

black and white twins

Born to a Jamaican-English dad and a white German mom, these sisters are a true blend of their diverse backgrounds. While Marcia inherited her mother’s fair complexion, blue eyes, and strawberry blonde hair, Millie clearly takes after her dad with a darker complexion and dark eyes.
Their mother, Amanda, explains, “They weren’t identical twins, but they did look similar at birth. It was only after a few weeks that we started noticing the differences. Millie began to darken, resembling her dad, especially on her legs. Meanwhile, Marcia started developing a lighter complexion and her hair became blonder and curlier.”

People have marveled at this genetic phenomenon, considering it a one-in-a-million occurrence. Amanda and Mr. Biggs, a car mechanic from Birmingham, have been together for ten years and underwent IVF treatment to conceive these precious children. Interestingly, both sides of the family have a history of twins.

Amanda reflects, “We had no idea how different they would look. Their appearances settled down after a few months, but now Millie resembles her dad with black hair and dark skin, while Marcia takes after me.”

Not only do they have distinct physical features, but the twins are also developing their own unique personalities. Marcia is laid-back and easygoing, while Millie has a mischievous streak.

Jane Denton, director of the Multiple Births Foundation, comments, “This is an exceptional case, but it’s hard to determine how rare it is since the UK doesn’t record the skin color of every twin. What we do know is that in situations like this, where two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm, the combination of genes results in variations in skin color.”

These extraordinary twins continue to be cherished by their loving family, and their story serves as a fascinating example of the remarkable diversity that exists within our genetic makeup.


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  • I’d like to quote:

    ‘The Australian sisters were conceived naturally to a Jamaican-English heritage dad and a white German mom.’

    This fact is in fact WRONG. The parents are both English, the father has Jamaican decent and mother English, Both Marcia and Millie are both as stated in the press story afterwards ENGLISH not Austrailian. Not to be nasty or anything, but it did amuse me as i know these people myself and found it rather odd at the random facts pointed out in that first paragraph and then to read the story lower ‘Erdington, Birmingham’ Which is in the UK.

  • Super cute girls! I find it interesting that people are so shocked that the girls’ skin tones are different, though. Plenty of families have children who take more after one parent than the other. If these had been single births, would people have been as shocked? Just because they are conceived at the same time, it doesn’t mean they are identical. It’s like being surprised that a mother gives birth to a boy AND a girl. BOTTOM LINE: Genetics is amazing!!

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