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Boon’s New Feeding Line Shipping Soon!

Back in August I introduced to you to Boon’s new feeding line. The funky baby gear company jumps into the feeding market with both feet, launching a full line of exciting products.

Having a child that needs therapy to be able to eat properly, has made me more aware of exciting tools that could help make feeding time easier.

Boon’s new line is filled with innovative products that were designed to make mealtime a breeze.

The Squirt baby food dispensing spoon allows for convenient feeding, one bite at a time. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food and attaches firmly to the spoon end. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food. In addition, it comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. $7.99

Fluid no-spill toddler cup has an ergonomic, two-handed grip that is perfect for small hands. The angled spout requires less head tipping, making it more comfortable to use. $5.99

I think the product I am the must excited about is the snack ball. I can’t tell you how may goldfish we have lost because the lid doesn’t stay on. The rigid form protects snacks from crushing, making the Snack Ball great for travel. Two halves unscrew for easy cleaning and the lid snaps in place to keep snacks inside. LOVE IT!! $6.49

For more information on all of these products please visit Boon’s website. The Good News: All products are scheduled to ship at some point this week.

Added Bonus: 10% of the companies products are donated to children’s charities.

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