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Bundle Up For Winter

Oeuf NYC is a husband/wife team in Brooklyn New York. Their furniture is known for being both environmentally friendly and safe for children. They now have a line of clothing for children handmade with alpaca wool. The designs are cute yet practical.

The Coverall hat will stay in place and keep your baby’s ears and neck protected from the cold. I love this hat! It makes me happy to know that my son will not be able to rip this hat off and toss it in a puddle.(Available in 4 sizes and 6 colours. $37 U.S.)

coverall hat

Leg Warmers are back for babies this winter and they are also handmade in alpaca wool to keep your little princess’ legs warm. These cute warmers would be great under a winter coat, over top of tights. Available in matching stripe colors, leggies leave feet free for good traction as children are learning to walk. Keeping legs warm without the constriction of pants, leggies can be worn while out and about or hanging at home.(Comes in 5 colours, 1 size fits all. $33 U.S.)

legg warmers

The “hugg me sweater” is ridiculously cute. The pockets are the right size for little hands while allowing room for the thumbs. Solving more problems of functionality with cute design, the hug-me sweater both answers to the lack of children’s sweaters with pockets and proposes to save the future lost mittens of the world.(Available in 4 sizes and 4 colours $88 U.S.)

hugg me sweater

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