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Carpio Sextuplets To Star in ‘Sextuplets Take New York’ on TLC

TLC has announced that a new family is moving in! 

On September 14th “Sextuplets Take New York,” will chronicle Victor and Digna Carpio’s journey through parenthood. 

On October 6th, 2008 the couple welcomed Justin, Jezreel, Joel, Jaden, Danelia and Genesis at 25 weeks gestation weighing between 1-1/2 and 2 pounds. For the last 2 years the family has struggled with raising the babies (50 diaper changes a day) and their 9-year-old son in a modest-sized home. 

Nancy Daniels, TLC’s Senior VP production and development said the network cast the family after doing a special on three sets of parents struggling with a multiple birth. 

“We fell in love with them,” she said. “All of our shows look at interesting families and interesting live. They’re struggling with taking care of a lot of small children who are all the same age and overrunning their house.”

According to TLC the show will revolve around raising seven kids on a budget, plus staying healthy and active. 

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  • PLEASE jeep this wonderful show on TV, TLC!!! You have finally hit the jackpot! A show my family can all watch, inspirational and good example of a decent, respectful family. The kids are happy and adorable. The parents love and respect each other, are kind to each other. Unlike Bryan Masche and Kate Gosselin, who were not only disrespectful to their spouses, but set bad examples for their kids. In my opinion, and many others’, they treated their kids with impatience and lack of tolerance. I cringed when I watched the shows, but the shock value kept me looking and wondering. I did not let my kids watch. I would have to say that I really enjoyed watching Jenny Masche, and wish that she can have her own ‘raising sextuplets’ program with her kids, she is intelligent, kind, inspirational and a good example of how people can be single parents and successful in this economy, my friends and I miss that show……minus Bryan the Beast!
    As far as sextuplets take NY, they have taken my heart as well!! Keep them on, give them the money they deserve for the shows. Even crappy reality shows like Jersey shore and such make a ton of money….for what???? Who watches TLC??? MOMS<especially those who are homemakers or work parttime and raising kids. Listen to us!! SOn't let this go by the wayside!!

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