Chasing After Your Kids Doesn’t Count as a Workout

mom chasing toddlerBeing a mom usually requires swapping the treadmill at the gym for sing-along time at Gymboree; and most moms proclaim, “I don’t need to work out. I chase after my kids all day!” in response to whether or not they’re getting enough exercise. Besides, collapsing in an exhausted heap at the end of the day means you’ve clearly exerted yourself enough physically, right? Not according to a recent study…

“In a study of 58 women with children under age 6, only about a third of the mothers got an average of 30 minutes or more a day of moderate or greater intensity physical activity. And yet overall this group of women, most of whom also worked outside the home, believed they were getting upwards of an hour of activity daily.”

This wake up call shouldn’t cause moms to feel the need to join the local gym; but it is a healthy reminder that we need to step up our game and take care of ourselves. There are countless ways to turn “chasing after your kids all day” into a verifiable workout. Moms of young babies may join a stroller exercise group and tote their babe along, incorporating the stroller into the calorie burning routine. Another easy ‘mom’ workout is to turn up the tunes and have an aerobic dance fest in your living room with your kids. If your kids still take naps, do an exercise video while they slumber. I for one am going to go dust off my yoga DVD and teach my tot how to say “Om.”

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