Chen Chuanliu and son Lao Lu

Chen Chuanliu and son Lao Lu

the 42 year old Father Chen Chuanliu Lost His Four year old Daughter Last Month and He Said the Extreme Measure Was the Only Way to Keep His Son Safe the Boy’s Mother is Reportedly Mentally Disabled Only the Father Could Take Care of the Son Since Friday He Has Been Tethering the Boy So He Can Leave to Pick Up Customers but He Stopped the Practice Yesterday After an Approach from the Local Government photo by Pan Zhiwangjhsbchinafotopress <div Style=text align Center><script Type=textjavascript>< google ad client = pub 0048034915504294 336×280 Created 121307 google ad slot = 7573076629 google ad width = 336 google ad height = 280 > <script> <script Type=textjavascript src=httppagead2googlesyndicationcompageadshow adsjs> <script><div>

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