Couple Captures Nine months of Pregnancy in 90 Seconds

A couple trying to capture the incredible journey from pregnancy to parenthood have made use of a novel video recording technique to compress the emotional journey of 9 months in just 90 seconds.

A couple has uploaded their time lapse video in Youtube that shows how with time the woman’s body goes through various changes finally ending in the birth of her baby girl.

The video has been titled Introducing and shows the expectant mom’s midriff grow from a toned and flat belly to an accommodating belly as her pregnancy progresses – ending with the new arrival.

The video begins with the mom-to-be waiting in the room as her partner enters and plants a kiss on her belly. They then high five each other indicating they are excited and happy with the news that they are on the journey of becoming parents.

The time lapse then begins as the woman’s stomach continues to grow with their pet dogs and cats disappearing and reappearing in the room showing the amount of time elapsed.

The video also shows at one point the couple moving houses when the would-be father picks his pregnant partner and stands on the threshold of a new home.

He again disappears leaving her to continue to grow.

Finally it is D-day and the woman indicates this by pointing at her watch and her partner reappearing excited and again getting down on his knees to kiss the now very pregnant belly.  This time however, as soon as he plants a kiss, their baby girl appears.

Then they bring her closer to the camera for her first ever close up and her name, Amelie Amaya, flashes up on the screen.

The video has become the new hit online with many appreciating the artistic way in which the young couple has preserved this memory.

One user, named alfacinhotube, wrote, ‘Beautiful! A well-conceived, wonderfully executed documentation of a magnificent moment in your lives. Thanks for sharing!’

Another named Malleolust said, ‘I’m 7 months pregnant with my first child, a son. This made me cry. Can I blame hormones…? Little Amelie, be blessed.’

A male viewer too has left a comment saying, ‘Beautiful… You just brought a grown man to tears!’

Thanks to her parents, Amelie is already a celeb.

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