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Doctors Perform Unique Procedure On Preemie

Any neonatologist will tell you that keeping a micropreemie alive is more trial and error than science. There are many procedures that they follow when growing these tiny babies, but sometimes unusual situations call for creative medical care.

Doctors at Driscoll Children’s Hospital are able to save the life of a preemie from Brownsville with a unique procedure. Originally doctors thought Pedro Hinojosa, Jr. would only live a few days. Now two months later, the baby is well on his way to recovery thanks to a unique procedure called peritoneal dialysis.

It’s tough to tell that little Pedro was close to dying just a few weeks ago. Doctors gave the two and a half month old two days to live, if he didn’t receive dialysis. Pedro suffered from renal failure after he was born four months premature at a Brownsville hospital. He weighed a little over a pound.

“When I first heard him (cries), when I first heard him crying, I knew that God had given him to me, and he wasn’t going anywhere,” said his mother Michelle Hinojosa.

His parents, Pedro and Michelle, brought him to Driscoll Children’s Hospital last month, after hearing they were the closest facility around that provided the treatment Pedro needed, called peritoneal dialysis.

Doctors inserted a tube into Pedro’s abdomen which contains the dialysis solution, which helped to filter his blood. It took three straight days of dialysis to treat Pedro. He’s now able to produce urine, and doctors said he’s doing well.

“He’s here and he made it, he’s been through a lot,” She said.

Little Pedro is now big enough to fit into a preemie suit and tie. While he’s still on a feeding tube, his Dr. Patricia Ramsey said he’s going to be just fine.

His proud parents couldn’t be more grateful.

“It’s a miracle yes, it’s a miracle…and we thank God.”

I am so happy for this family. No one can understand how hard it is to watch your baby, inside a plastic box, struggling for their life. There are many babies who don’t make it. It’s nice to see the ones that do.


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  • hi i’m a mother of a 26 weeker and as well she needed peritoneal dialysis its scary doctors are not that positive about it, but i wanted them to try it i dont want my baby to die at leats i want to try whatever is there. its been 2 1/2 days already and praying that she would tolerate it i want the same miracle for my baby to happen cause thats all it is a miracle!!!

  • Hi, I’m the mother you see in the picture above. I am happy to report that baby Pedro is doing EXCELLENT! We are planning his first birthday party and he is the cutest baby! I wish I could upload a picture but I dont know how. If anyone needs someone to talk to don’t hesitate to email.

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