Elective Cesarean Sections

Would you schedule a surgery to have your baby rather than push for a few minutes? Do you want to have complete control over where and when your baby arrives? If you said yes than you are not alone. C-Sections are up by 50% over the last 10 years and it’s not because babies are becoming harder to deliver. More and more moms are “scheduling” the birth of their children.

Are we that wimpy to go through a few hours of labour? Contractions suck… I will give you that, but the pushing part is actually not that bad because by that point – you know the end is near. After all, if the pain is really bad they will offer you an epidural. I never had one but my friends tell me it’s bliss.

Is it that stressful to think that you could be at the grocery store and then zap…the baby has decided to arrive. Life is unpredictable. Kids are unpredictable. Not everything can be controlled.

A Cesarean Section is major surgery. It has risks. The uterus or nearby pelvic organs such as the bladder or kidneys can become infected. Blood loss on the average is about twice as much with cesarean birth as with vaginal birth. However, blood transfusions are rarely needed during a cesarean. The bowel sometimes slows down for several days after surgery, resulting in distention, bloating and discomfort. All of this and not to mention the risks to the baby. If the due date was not accurately calculated, the baby could be delivered too early. Babies born by cesarean are more likely to develop breathing problems such as transient tachypnea (abnormally fast breathing during the first few days after birth).

Then there is the issue of recover time. After having my son, I was up and walking the next day. Many moms I know were out of commission after their c-section for at least a week. Not able to walk or go to the bathroom properly. I would rather not have the discomfort so that I can focus on experiencing the first days with my baby.

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