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Elementary School Has 12 Sets Of Twins

It is almost safe to say that no one has just one baby anymore. The occurrence of multiples has increased so much that a school in the U.S. has 12 sets of twins registered there.

St. Vincent’s Elementary School has three sets of twins in kindergarten, two sets of twins in second grade, three sets of twins in third grade and a set of twins in fifth, sixth and 8th grades.

Kay Glastetter, St. Vincent’s Principal: “Some of the students are in separate rooms, by parent’s choices, which makes it a little easier. When we get them all together, it’s quite a challenge.”

Teachers really have to pay attention as some of the twins, like Julia and Taylor. They look alike all the way down, or up, to their hair ribbons. Cramer and Conner are pretty easy to tell apart, but if you’re in doubt, check out the shoes- Cramer’s are red, Conner’s white. We’re not done yet. Student teachers Jennifer and Michelle not only look alike, they have the same job, share a car and a love of children.

If you think that the multiples in this story are unusual, the Grange School in Hartford UK has 20 sets of twins in attendance.

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