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Elizabeth Hasselbeck Welcomes A Boy!

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Tim Hasselbeck on the safe arrival of their second baby.

The baby, who weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and arrived without complications, was born Friday in Arizona.

“We’re thrilled he arrived safely,” Tim said in a statement. “Both mom and son are happy and healthy.”

Elisabeth is expected to reveal the baby’s name when she calls in to The View Monday.

Elizabeth recently blogged about transitioning Grace, the couple’s 2 year old, and preparing her for the impending arrival of her new sibling.

The couple tried their best to make Grace’s new room in Arizona feel as normal as possible by:

Having her exact sheets and comforter here when we arrived, so that the room here felt like home. I shipped many of her favorites here, stuffed animals, books, toys, her bath towel, cups and plates, sidewalk chalk. I stocked the kitchen with her “go-to” snacks. We got her a new toothbrush- which she loves! We decorated her room today with supplies from the art store… bought a wooden “G” and had her color, sticker, and glitter glue it, added a ribbon and then hung it on her doorknob.

Elizabeth goes on to talk about the preparation that she was doing for the new baby’s arrival:

I let Grace try on a sling with her baby-doll in it and walk around the house. We played MEMORY, and pretended she was the mommy. Her eyes were wide when she realized that she could have the baby on her, and do everything normally. I desperately want her to know that when I am holding the baby I am still “hers” too. I would recommend that to any moms expecting their second!

I am sure she will do great. Sometimes parents worry needlessly. Most kids love babies and I am sure that Tim and Elizabeth will go out of their way to include Grace in the new baby’s routine. SOURCE

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