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Expectant Florida Mom Of sextuplets ‘Feeling Great’

Karoline Baylor is set to become the first mother to deliver sextuplets in the state of Florida.

She is currently 23 weeks along and not on bedrest.

In order to keep her healthy she is on a whack of meds including:

Progesterone shots to keep her hormone levels steady. Folic acid to keep the babies healthy. Prevacid to control her heartburn. And now, blood thinner shots to head off clots and an antibiotic for a pesky urinary tract infection.

She can stand up long enough to shower, go to the bathroom, fix a quick meal. She went to the grocery store with her husband once, but rode a scooter. Her swelling has been kept to a minimum. She spends most of the day in nightgowns and passes time surfing the Internet. Summer reruns and soaps bore her. The television stays on CNN because “at least it’s new.”

The babies are doing well and are all well over a pound each.

All six hearts beat strong. Babies A, D and F, the lone girl, weighed in at about 1 pound, 6 ounces. Baby C is the leader at 1 pound, 7 ounces, with babies B and E each weighing 1 pound, 5 ounces. All weights were normal for 23 weeks of gestation.

The Bylers expected to find out Wednesday when Karoline would be hospitalized for the rest of the pregnancy, but they didn’t get an answer.

Her doctor wants her to stay at home as long as possible and advises her to continue eating small, frequent meals.

Sextuplets carry a lot more risk. Primary among them are premature labor, hypertension, bleeding, anemia and gestational diabetes. The babies also are at greater risk for birth defects.

Karoline is doing well and feeling unusually great. Her Doctor is now seeing her weekly to make sure that everything is growing well inutero. Like the other couples who have recently had mega multiples, the Bylers have chosen to go the donation and fundraiser route. Their big planned event is touted at “Tampa Bay’s Biggest Baby Shower”, with a carnival like theme. On the official flyer they request donations in many forms including donating your talent for entertainment, contributing to the diaper drive or purchasing a gift card from selected department stores.



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