Multiple Births Pete and Jenny Ferrill Quintuplets

Ferrill Quintuplets Celebrate First Birthday

The five babies that star in TLC’s show Quint- essential celebrate their first birthday today!

Ferrill Quintuplets celebrate their first birthday!

The four part special that covered parents, Pete and Jenny’s pregnancy, the delivery and homecoming has wrapped up with a look at how the family is doing now that the babies have been home for 10 months.

As the couple gets ready for Christmas, they also prepare to celebrate getting through the first year with five special babies in their lives.

The special updates us on the progress of each baby and how Pete and Jenny are doing after their first year. All of the babies have changed so much since their arrival, growing in leaps and bounds!

Drayden Karter was born at 3.35lbs, came home at 6.8lbs and now weighs 20lbs!! Jenny describes him as the sensitive one, it concerns him when one of the other babies are crying. She also says that he is independent smiling at her when she is holding one of his brothers or sisters.

Layne Mykel was born at 3.24lbs, came home at just under 6lbs and now weighs over 20lbs. Layne has been diagnosed with having some sight issues. He now wears glasses, which is fairly common for babies that are born very early. He is standing and loves to interact with everyone and everything.

Kieran Skye was born at 3.25 lbs, and now weighs 18lbs. Jenny calls her a little diva and she was the first to come home. Her mom has successfully taught her to be able to sign when she wants milk.

Landyn Konner was born the smallest at 2.5lbs, came home weighing 5.5lbs and now weighs 17lbs. He is a bouncer that can now crawl. Jenny calls him a wild one probably due to the high amount of energy he has.

Irelyn Kadyn was born the heaviest at 3.4lbs, but lost the most weight due to illness. Not long after arriving home she was diagnosed with extra blood flow through her lung, which would lead to congestive heart failure. Surgery needed to be done and now today she weighs a whopping 18lbs. After her surgery she regained her energy and started to show her personality. She is now crawling and standing.

First year quint stats – Collectively they have grown 80lbs and 5ft since birth, have drunken 9,600 bottles and used 18,200 diapers.

One year after delivering her five babies Jenny looks fabulous!! Since her peak she has lost more than 59lbs. She says on more than one occasion that her weight loss is due to keeping up with 5 active babies, but throws in that she might forget to eat every once in a while…

She is currently in school to get her Masters Degree in Social Work. Like a true mom, she uses her diaper bag as her bookbag. It carries her one book for class perfectly.

Pete is a Social worker for families in difficulty. One year later, he is actively looking for a bigger house to allow the family to have more room. The equipment that is needed to keep 5 babies happy appears to take over every corner of the house.

We hope that TLC continues to update the world on this wonderful family. Pete and Jenny really are great parents. There is something about their energy that makes you want to see them do well.

Hopefully the years to come will be as good to them as their last year has been.



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  • I see this family to be every bit as greedy as the Gosselins and Octomom. There was a site on the internet where Jenny says that she has been a friend of Kate Gosselin for two years. That means that she consulted Kate either before her fertility treatments or at the beginning of the pregnancy and Kate probably told her to go for it, that everyone would take care of them.

    I actually see Jenny as not being as sweet as Kate was in the beginning of the show. She is sniping and demanding of Pete from the very getgo. I hope everyone will boycott the advertisers of this show and stop this madness of multiple births.

    IF YOU CAN’T FEED THEM, DON’T BREED THEM [taken from another site]is a really good rule of thumb.

    These two are grifters in training. Their medical bills alone have been a drain on society.

  • I wish people would stop being so negative. People help because they want to communitie’s pull together because they want to.The negative comments really sadden me, if it were you they would do the same..Grandma to dear little twin boys who were concieved naturealy.

  • Listen up Linda I am a quintuplet in the uk I am now 23 and u saying that is wrong u cannot help getting pregnant with 5 my mum brought us all up on her own i would love it if Pete and jenny could contact me on this email address to give support

  • Linda must do be mother, I have 2 children and at times it hard, what she said is REALLY mean, any mother would not let those words come out of her mouth because she knows the stress of wanting the best for her child/children so imagine quints. I just watch the story for the first time on Fittv and thought I would go online to see the progress of the quints, glad to see that they are progressing well, remember God is always in controll, stay away from the negative and dwell on the positive as we ALL know our Lord never gives us more than we can bear. Linda my mother and other wise authority in my family always thought me if you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say anything.

  • These parents are amazing! I don’t think they are anything like the gosselines. They have five babies because they couldn’t get pregnant naturally!!!!! She lost the two babies she did get pregnant with! Nobody wants five, six, seven, babies but when you go through infertility treatments it can happen. I wish people would EDUCATE themselves first! When you can’t get pregnant you don’t just say “oh hey i am going to do ivf and have five kids!” There are a serious of treatments you have to go through. IVF is usually the last unless you are going to adopt, do surrogacy, egg donor, ect. Those parents love those kids more than anything and i am sure the last thing they want is to take handouts from people. It has nothing to do with not being able to afford children. Those of you complaing are probably those low life parents that choose to be on welfare and choose not to get a job and have the government support you and your kids! Those parents that want to judge just be grateful you didn’t have trouble getting pregnant and don’t have to go through the agony that jenny and pete went through getting pregnant and losing two babies!

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