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From Birth to 12 Years in 2:45 ~ A Dad Films His Kids Every Week For Cool Video

With the evolution of digital technology comes unique opportunities to create new memories.  In the last few years we have seen couples time lapse their pregnancies, do the one picture a day project and now, one dad chronicles his kid’s childhood in a 2:45 video.

In what must have taken an incredible amount of discipline, Frans Hofmeester compiled 624 images to show his daughter growing up over the last 12 years. Titled Portrait of Lotte, the video shows the little girl with various hairstyles and expressions every week for the last decade.  Not to be left out the artist and filmmaker did the same for his son Vince to 9 years.

Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45. from Frans Hofmeester on Vimeo.

The film ends with the words “to be continued,” which could suggest that Frans will continue the project indefinitely.

Don’t we all wish we had the creativity to put together something so clever.  I know I do.  A  project like this definitely needs to be planned well in advance and it takes a lot of to keep it going for this many years.  Kudos to this dad for being determined to chronicle his kid’s lives so uniquely!


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