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New Study Points To Good News For Pre-Term Infants

I found a story online this morning at that confirms something that could be very uplifting for parents of Preemies.

The study has found that infants who are born severely premature(22-24 weeks gestation) have a better chance of survival now than in the 90’s. Life support is usually only given to infants who have completed 24 weeks of gestation. In Germany, after parental counseling, life support was also extended to infants 22-23 weeks. Over a five year period researchers studied data on 336 babies. Sadly, 133 didn’t make it. Of the 203 that were offered life support 82 were between 22-23 weeks and 121 were 24 weeks of gestation. The overall survival of the younger group was 67% and a strong 82% for the 24 weekers!!

Our baby was born at 24 weeks and when we were in the hospital we met many other parents with babies born at the same gestation. I was admitted at 23 weeks and was given “counseling” about babies born at this gestation. The percentage of survival was 35%. If you wait until 24 weeks the percentage jumped to 55% and than 65%(I believe) for 25. All of the babies we met all survived and are at home with their parents. Some have little or no issues and a few will have obstacles to overcome later, but they are alive. Little Fighters. I started to believe that the statistics were higher now because we rarely heard of babies passing. The doctors and nurses are doing such an amazing job and technology has come a long way. We should all support our hospitals.

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