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Gramma Puts Keys, Change and Grandson Through Airport X-Ray Machine

When I first read this story I wondered how this could happen. Are there not people there to make sure so “live” beings go through the x-ray machine? Last year, in a fluster, Jessica Simpson almost put her dog daisy through the x-ray machine, but was stopped at the last minute.

The passenger, who speaks very little English, was asked to put her possessions in a tray so they could be X-rayed. But along with her keys, change and other items, the grandmother also put something else in the plastic bin – her one-month-old grandson.

Before security personnel could reach him, the infant had been whisked through the machine and exposed to the radiation. Officials were able to grab the container and pull it out after it was halfway through and immediately called medical personnel.

The child was rushed to a local hospital but didn’t appear to have suffered any permanent damage as a result of the exposure.

“The lady obviously mistakenly put the baby in the machine,” explains U.S. Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez. “It was an unfortunate incident.”

It’s only the second time in history that such “an unfortunate incident” has been recorded at LAX. In 1988, a baby in a car seat was accidentally passed through an X-ray scanner.

Security personnel, who are already hard pressed to keep up with watching the airport comings-and-goings, will be even more vigilant in future to ensure there’s never a repeat of the accident.

This Gramma will probably not be invited to babysit anytime soon.



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