Have You Met Sid The Science Kid?

The newest show at our house is Sid The Science Kid.  Created by the Jim Henson Company, this inquisitive pre-schooler spends his time learning about everything from basic chemistry to the laws of physics and how they apply to our everyday life.

This is all done in a bit of a stand-up comedy format as Sid does most of his talking to us with a microphone – as the ‘Science Reporter Guy’.

Like with almost all kid’s shows, Sid the Science Kid has a predictability factor that my boys like.  Each episode starts in the morning before school starts and follows Sid through his day.  While getting ready he will encounter a problem that will get him thinking about how things work.  He takes his concerns to school, interviews his friends about their thoughts, and then his teacher helps them investigate more in detail.  In between this Sid sings a couple of catchy songs and dances with his friends as they meet in the playard.

It wasn’t a surprise to me that my oldest son caught on to this show as quickly as he did because he is very much like Sid. In fact, many of the subjects that are taught on the show are things my son has asked us about on many occasions.

As a mom, I like that the show covers some interesting topics in a way that is easy for my boys to learn.  And while the show is a cartoon, the learning section of the show is done in a classroom with ‘real’ pre-schoolers.

Some of the episodes that we’ve liked are how are rainbows created, what happens when fruits or vegetables get old, what happens in the dark and what is the big idea with light.

There are a lot of shows on TV that kids watch that doesn’t teach anything.  I like that this one offers practical explanations for real-life questions that most kids have every day.


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  • My 2 year old daughter loves Sid and his friends. She’ll even do their playground dance! I feel good about this show because it takes complicated subjects and presents them in ways many kids can understand, or at least spark their curiosity. We already bought Sid’s microphone for her for Christmas… she is going to be so excited.

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