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Schleich Toys Giganotosaurus

Well known for their realistic figurines, Schleich brings us another very impressive model from the “World of History” – the Giganotosaurus. If you’re not familiar with him he’s bigger than a T-Rex at 40 feet long and eight tons. That’s pretty big. Schleich’s Giganotosaurus is just as impressive. He’s an exceptionally detailed model of the real thing. So detailed, it’s hard to believe they’re extinct. He looks ready to sprint off after his prey, which, according to the Schleich site, scientists believe he was able to do because his tail didn’t drag on the ground like other dinosaurs. Looking at this Giganotosaurus. and his amazing down to the tiniest detail details, you will find it hard to believe that this is scientifically based guesswork and that Schleich designers weren’t actually working from a photo. He is very real looking, so much so I was afraid he might just scare my 2-year-old when I first saw him. However, he didn’t. All 3 of my boys love him, roared as soon as they saw him, and dragged the poor Dino off to play.

Schleich toys will provide a glimpse into worlds that your children might not otherwise see, from the present to the past and back again into the fantasy realm. They offer something for every little imagination and will provide hours of fun. Perfect gifts for holiday time or anytime, you won’t be sorry you brought one home.

GIVEAWAY: Schleich is offering ONE Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win a Toy Giganotosaurus($34 value)

Congratulations to our winner: Emily


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