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Last year I came across a sleek looking stroller called the iCandy Apple. It has a beautiful design and sleek look that gives some of the big name stroller a run for their money.

As usual, it is not sold in North America and I was completely frustrated because the UK always gets the coolest gear, but it usually takes years for them migrate their way across the ‘pond’.

While in Vegas, a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting iCandy’s representatives and previewed some of their new products.

Since I wrote about the Apple, the company has decided to take that stroller a step further and incorporate a ‘pip frame’ that allows the stroller to accommodate 2 children.

The Pear is available two ways. If you already have an Apple, you can purchase the ‘pip conversion frame’ and extra cot for the second child.


You can also just purchase the Pear in it’s entirety stroller frame, pip and 2 toddler seats.

It can be configured 8 different ways for your child’s comfort. The stroller does not come with infant car seats and it currently only fits the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio infant carrier (UK car seat). I like the idea of this stroller for a few reasons.

  1. With the two toddler seats in, the stroller is still no bigger than a regular stroller that holds one child, which is unusual for a tandem stroller.
  2. It accommodates families of all ages. Once your older child has outgrown a stroller, you can remove the ‘pip’ and turn the pear into single stroller again.
  3. The whole things folds up conveniently for easy storage.


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  1. Sandy says:

    I have my iCandy Pear stroller for sale. if anybody is interested they can contact me at


  2. Paloma says:

    we are expecting twins and we are searching for a twin travel system. The Icandy sounds like a good option, but we heard it was only available in the UK. Are you in the New York area by any chance?


  3. Abbey Hughes says:

    Hi Sandy! Do you still have it for sale? How much are you asking? Any damage or extreme wear? What all is included in sale? Can you ship to south Georgia, or are you close enough where i could pick up the item? What is your reason for selling the item?

  4. sandy says:

    Here are photos of my iCandy Pear which i have for sale

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