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Jillian Michaels & Her Family Shop At The Malibu Market

Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades took turns pushing their kids Phoenix and Lukensia while out shopping at the Malibu Market on Sunday.

Fittingly Jillian told SheKnows.com last week that one of her favorite ways to to get your picky child to eat more healthfully is to keep them involved.

  • Take your kids to a farmers market. Start a little garden in your yard or at a community garden space. Peas go over great with my 2-year-old. Have them get involved with cooking the food so they take ownership of it.
  • Make it fun – Choose bright colored fruits and veggies and cut them into bite-size pieces.
  • Try negotiating – To get my toddler to try new things, I tell her that if she takes a bite of the avocado she can have a bite of pasta.
  • Be sneaky – Hide the veggies if you have to do it. I use products like Macro Greens chocolate powder to make her smoothies, or the Plum Organics fruit and veggie purees also work great.
  • Use cheese or a dash of sauce – My daughter will eat lettuce because she loves Caesar dressing. So we put a light spread on a bunch of romaine leaves and she goes to town. Cheese on broccoli is the oldest trick in the book. Just make sure the sauces [and dressings] are healthy and use them in moderation.

Staying fit yourself is also a great way to set a good example for kids to stay healthy.

“It can definitely be hectic with a baby and a toddler at home,” says former The Biggest Loser trainer. “Time is of the essence every day, but it’s crucial to get a workout in. It is important for moms to be healthy for their kids and set a good example for them early on. In my own life I do my best to maximize the time I do have to work out. This means doing harder, more efficient workouts to get results in less time. Multitasking is key — which is great because moms are already masters of that, right? Train multiple muscle groups at the same time (for example, do squats with shoulder presses or lunges with bicep curls) to maximize calorie burn and shave off time.”

Clearly she is speaking from experience.

Jillian and Heidi push their kids in a Mountain Buggy Duet stroller.



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