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Jon and Kate Plus 8

I write a lot about mega multiples on this site because they are rare, but interesting.  I have recently started watching Jon and Kate Gosselin’s show on TLC called ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’.

on and Kate Gosselin with their kids 2007
The popular network follows the family through their everyday life of chaos as they try keep peace and control in their home.

The couple has a set of twins and a set of sextuplets, all born by fertility treatments.

Kate delivered the sextuplets on May 10th, 2004. The babies arrived at 30 weeks gestation weighing between 2.5lbs and 3lbs. At birth all babies need to be on ventilators.

With each episode that I watch, I am utterly amazed at Kate’s ability to keep her household under control.

She prepares all of the families meals from scratch and tries to use as much organic food as possible.

The couple estimates that monthly grocery bills only run them approximately $150/week with their monthly bill sitting between $600-$800.

Each baby has their own crib, but they all share a room. Instead of having big bulky highchairs the couple has opted to use wooden restaurant type model that can be stacked on top of each other when not in use.

When the subject of mega multiples comes up, most people argue that it is virtually impossible for each child to feel special in a home with so many kids.

Jon and Kate do many things to give each child an identity and let them all know they are special. Last year for their 2nd birthday, friends and family sang happy birthday 6 times so that each child could have their own birthday song.

This show is reality TV without the backstabbing, scandal and shocking surprises. Kate Gosselin is Betty Crocker,Martha Stewart and the mom next door all wrapped up in one.

They don’t believe in keeping up with the Jones’, they just want what’s best for their kids.

For parents who think that their life is chaotic, watch this show. It will put everything in perspective. This mom NEVER stops.

The show airs at 10:00 tonight on Discovery (US) and Monday nights at 10:00 on TLC in Canada.

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  • I don’t have any kids but I like this show and watch it faithfully every week.

    It is lots of fun and there is something new on each show.

    This family is organized for sure! They are one nice and happy family!

  • I love this show… it is my FAVORITE.. I watch it every week and all the reruns…. I am a new mom and I just watch Kate in awe, i wish i could be like her!

  • I really love your show I watch it every chance I get it is great and to Mady and Kara they are great and I adoure all of the twins

  • FYI

    Okay… in the above article, it says they spend $150 a week. That is not true. It is at one STORE that they spend that much.
    Kate only uses the nebulisers when the kids have a cold, because of reactive airway disease.

    This is my favorite show! Go SUPERPARENTS Jon & Kate!

  • I would not think that she is a great person having had a personal run in with her at the pittsburgh zoo. While waiting in line to get food for my niece at lunch the line was not moving for some time. At the front of the line was Kate holding up the line with other families waiting in line with their kids that are also hungry. Make up your mind a salad is a salad and dont ask your kids 20 times what they want or read every label. The world does not revolve around you and your kids. By the way she held the line up for 20 minutes. It started out with no line and ended up out the door.

  • I just love this show!!! The kids are a delight. Kate is a super mom!! I have only one 2 year old at home, and watching the way Kate handles six 3 year olds is a real inspiration. She displays such a loving character around all of them. Her discipline tactics are respectable and efficient. Even though Kate and John have their share of spousal disputes, you can tell they have a deep love and respect for each other. I hope this show will be on long enough so we can see all the kids develop into fine young adults.
    God Bless you John and Kate and all of your 8 !!!!!


  • We adore Jon and Kate Plus 8! John & Kate are so real. They don’t try to pretend to be what they aren’t. They are good parents who love their kids and try to do the best for them. The kids are so adorable and fun to watch! And each one is so different, it is really cool to watch their personalities.

  • I love John and kate plus 8 this show is really awsome
    I also have kids of my own but not as many as you but
    I do have 5. And we watch it together as a family!!!!!!!!

  • I love this show i dont miss an episod i set asside time avery monday night just to watch it ….. i love the young ones i know most of them apart… and i think my favorite boy is aaden he is soo cute and smart for his age and looks really sute with his little glasses …. i grew up with six siblings and a ttal fmaily size of 8 i lovd having a big famil yso when i watch this it reminds me of when i was younger and he type of organizing and cleanign tehniques my mom used to do … this show is so realistic that is why i love it so much

  • There kids are so cute call me John and Kate you guys are the cutest famliy ever so call at 17025265765 I love your kids alot my dream is for me to meet you guys so gtg bye

  • HI i love your show i think your family is so cool but i have 6 brothers and sisters and it is cayotic thanks bye

  • i only have one child of 7 who also has the name Hannah, we watch the show every monday night. I also work in a small town pub, and about 90% of the people know the show, and love it. I would never be able to raise that many kids 1 is enough, I like Kate becuase she tells it like it is. Love the show and hope it airs for many years to come I would love to see the Sextuplites 16th b-days

  • I must say i praise Jon and Kate for the way they are raising their beautiful family. I myself use all organic foods, why not if you can afford it so much better for you. I have 4 beautiful children of my own, every monday night they know when the show is gonna air, my little girl is so much like cara i adore her so much.. Kate keep up the great job and the role model you’re being for parents like me… I love your family and show, my family has learned so much from you. Thnaks for the advise you give us… May god pour his blessings down on you and yours each and everyday.. Becky

  • i just love this show….the children are like little angels…aaden is my heart…the girls are so pretty but at time i can’t tell them apart the look so much alike where the boys do look different…the twins are so very different…cara is quite but madelyn on the other hand is not very quite…they are cute…hope the show keep up i look foward to seeing it each week..even the reruns…kate if you are reading this i think you are bless to have a man like john..he is a good father and husband..sometimes now days they are hard to come by in this world we live in…and i give you credit on taking care of your family the way you do…i send my prayers to you and these beautiful children…have a good day…regina m.

  • oh i just love the show kate is a awesome woman she does such a great job raiseing her children John is the most careing father ive ever seen , those 2 are are awesome to handle that stress , I love them all aaden is such a sweetheart , the girls are very pretty , and i look forward to watching the show its great. i became a grandma last year Dec. 26th the day after christmas to 2 twin girls Natalie & Makenzie they are so much fun , i know i dont have as much stress as Kate but twins keep me busy all day while my daughter works, i know Kate must stay busy all day , love yall , Love & Light

  • Hi Gosslin family. My sister, and I watch your show every night. It probably sounds weird that we know a lot about all of you, however you know nothing about us. My sister, and I are 13, and 8. We live in Canada, and think your kids are so cute. We loved the episodes when you show behind the scenes. Thanks for reading.
    Love, the crazy sisters.

  • i like to see your show every monday. i like u guys alot kate i like your attitude towards jhon just be nicer.he is a good dad. just reamember he has to work to and then came home and help u with the 8 beatiful kids. but anyways i like you guys alot and i love your show i watch your show every night you guys rock. my name is andrea if you guys can say hi andrea in your show i would love that. i have 3 beatiful kids. celeste 4 years old, angel 2 years old, and dominic 8 months. there my life. you guys are great parents. well let you guys go love ya. take care GOD bless your family your in my prayers.
    love andrea

  • My name is Ethan and I am eight years old. I watch your show every week. i think all your kides are cool but my favorites are adin the profeser and hanah the littile mom and adin the one that lovvves his dady and theres cara the snow skear like jhon. and thoes are my resones.

  • I totally love this show and really admire John and Kates patience and love of each other and thier children. Kates sence of order and orginization amaze me. I am a mother of 3 and cant seem to get it together! You have beautiful children, oh and I love Kates hair!

  • I love your show and like me their are many womens going to fetility treatment and wish to have your blessing one day..Good luck and my prayer are with you guys …love Vane

  • I have never, ever posted to something like this before, but I watched a show recently that showed you both checking your mail on the computer….Kate at the desk in the bedroom with the mirror set just so, to let her see Jon sitting in the closest, checking his emails, and I thought how nice that was…for you both to be spending time with eachother even if it was in seperate areas. My point is I am touched by being able to watch your family every week, even my husband watches with me (and he usually watches hockey) You are doing great, and I won’t ask you to tug at your ear or call my name out on one of your shows, I had a good laugh about that one. Keep up the good work. And, yes, I am a mother.
    Jade, (from Canada)


  • I recently became a big fan of the Jon and Kate plus eight show. I have two children and I am a stay at home mom. Things can get a little overwhelming but watching the show really makes me feel like I’m not alone. I figure if she can handle eight children I can handle two.

  • I am sure that Kate appreciates what a good dad Jon is to all the kids. Some dads never help with the kids, but Jon helps out a LOT. Viewers can tell that Jon loves those kids!

  • I look forward each week to the show. Kate and Jon are too funny and their children are soo precious. My son and I both really love Aaden we love his cutelittle glasses…Kat and Jon YOU ROCK!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Kate needs to LIGHTEN UP on Jon. He is a good provider, loving husband, loving father, and works his butt off at work and home to keep Kate happy, not to mention so that she can stay home and not have to work outside the home. All she does is slap him, talk down to him, and treat him like a two-year-old. He should turn around and smack her in the face next time she says something condescending to him on national TV!!! I wonder how she’d like that?

    I read in some other posts that he has to get his hair cut where the children do, and that he goes to the same pediatric dentist his children do. Yet, we see Kate at the spa all the time. What’s wrong with this picture? She was too sick to help him with the kids when they went on their skiing trip, but she was well enough to go sit in the spa all day while he and the resort employees looked after their children!!!

    KATE, PLEASE BE NICER TO JON!!! I have a sister-in-law who treats my brother like a piece of s**t and it makes me sick! She doesn’t work outside the home. He busts his butt every day to make sure she can keep up with her personal trainer, fur coats, manicures, pedicures, lunches, and shopping trips.

    I also hate to see you encouraging your children to think the same way about their Dad. My nieces/nephews do that and it makes me sick. They want for absolutely nothing! They treat him like s**t and his wife is the one who is encouaging it.

    KATE, please be nicer to Jon and stop belitting him in front of your children.

  • No matter how much tension comes between this couple, once the kids are in bed and they sit together you can see they are made for one another,
    the kids are totaly mummy and daddy and thats all that matters, we do not have any kids mine are grown and flown the nest, but i constantly nag my poor husband and he completley understands, as i am sure john does they are a terific couple with a lot to teach other familys, and each other; she he is marvelous as a mum and a wife and he is just terrific as a dad and a husband,I cant imagine a husband and the father of eight kids remembering a purse and a travel case for her jewelry for valentines day they still think of each other, she is the main stay of the home and he is the provider as far as i am concerned they have it sewn up i cant imigine the work involved with a camera crew there, i would be in the funny farm ? “carry on” those kid are delicious.

  • i think kate and john are amazing, hooked on the programme, i think kate is so organised, but sometimes on the programme she looks really tired, i just dont know how they manage!!! i coul,nt do it i just had 3 under 6 years i thought that was bad, john is really amazing aswell. hope all grow up with the values their parents give to them WELL DONE

  • brilliant programme. i had children, 3 under 5 many years ago, i must admit i was not as experienced as kate is!!! watching the programme wears me out, john and kate are amazing really, i am realy hooked on there programme cant stop watching it now. good luck to you all

  • I agree with Patty Cushman. Although Kate is handling well the family routine, I noticed also many times that she shouldn’t act the way she do with Jon, I don’t like her condescending attitude at all. The golden rule for a couple is respect. I was ashame for Jon the way she act a couple weeks ago in the ToysRUs store (Christmas shopping I think). Tonight’s episode, she should at least give it a try, make the effort to rollerskate with her older daughter and Jon but decided not to (accident when she was a teenager), she said she’s not too sporty!. Next week’s episode is promising I think, we see a tired Kate who wants absolutely (oblige?) Jon to do some cleaning in the garage… ;-P

  • We watch John and Kate every mondaynight, we (my daughter and I) Just LOVE the show. I think John and Kate do an AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Job with all 8 kids, and I give a BIG high 5 to Kate for keeping such a clean house. HECK I only have 2 (teenagers) and my house is trashed 10 min after I clean..

    I know that people post about how much help Kate gets, But I think its WONDERFUL that they have such great people in their lives who are wanting and willing to help as much as they do.

    I say KEEP up the GREAT Work and keep the show on the air… I love all the one on one time you guys are doing right now, the kids seem to just LOVE it and its so important for them.

    Tammy B.

  • I love the show but my goodness if kate does not get off of Jon’s back and stop cutting him off or shouting it at him I will have to stop watching. I believe Kate likes the popularity she is receiving but does not appreciate it is because of the family as a whole and not just about her. And Jon man you are awesome to not have divorced Kate when you only had the twins. She is a piece of work. Love the children, even Maddie with her Kate like personality. I hope I can continue to watch it but if Kate doesn’t lighten up I am gone.


  • I have to agree with Patty Cushman as well lol Im sorry Kate, but she is right. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your show but you really need to chill out on Jon. He is doing the best he can. I know having 8 screaming kids running around is NOT easy and its a stressful job, but dont take it out on Jon. He obviously loves you or he wouldnt put up with your crap. I really admire what you do for your family Kate. If you are actually the one who cleans your house. I know you get help with your laundry. I wish I was as organized as you :O) My kids love to watch your show too. Every time I see your show I just want to cry because my kids are so out of control and so mean to each other. They are 15, 12, 10 and 5 yrs old. You are truely blessed! Give the kids a big hug and kiss from the Gearl family.

  • Hey john,kate+8
    I love your show alot,i watch it everytime it come’s on,i love watching your kid’s,they are very interesting 2 watch,see how they grow up.Kate i think you are a very pretty women,john you are a very good day 2 your children.Kate i love how u do everything in your house because i am the same way with the organizing 2 so.Your kid’s are very pretty everytime i see them on the show.I hope that u keep on going with the show because i love watching it. Can u ask 1 of the kid’s 2 wave at me so that way i know that it’s 4 me please,thank u very much john,kate+ 8,i hope 2 hear from u soon.

  • i really love watching your shows.i have 2grown kids of my own,and a 5 mth grandson and 4yrs old grandson,and they are my have so much patience with your babies,and a great husband who is always available for you.i hope you realize how blessed you are.i’m not marrid now,but when i was my husband was abusive and not there even when i gave birth to my are really blessed to have a man that loves you and his babies so much.i really enjoy your show and will continue to watch.maybe one day the lord will brig me a man like you have,i can only pray.take care,each and every one of you.god bless you love and prayers

  • Hello I love your show it is very funny and down to earth. Yall are super funny and when I get stressed out I try yo watch the show b/c it makes my life look so simple LOL… I work full time and have a 8 year old and a 2 year old. They are alot of work but worth every minute.. May God bless you family for many many years..


  • hey john and kate im rons grandaghter ally (10 years old) i love your show it is very funny at it hard having that many kids? if it is. is it worth it at the end of the show? i love aidan if you can could you ask him to give a wave to ally? if not could he just say hi? how old were you when you had the twins? and how old when you had the sextuplets? how is the new house do you like it? i get pretty decent grades have you ever had grade proplem with the twins? were people always looking at you when you were pregnent with the sextuplets? and when you found out you were pregnent with sextuplets did you think you were ganna get famous?if you can write back if not i totally understand your busy.

  • heyy im a #1 fan of your show i really enjoy watching it your children are the cutest babies i have ever seen my life ihope you can get back to me well byeee<3

  • heyy its me again by the way im 12 and i adore hannah maybe if you can tell her to give a little wave on the show to me and i also love maddy i dotn know if i spelt that right maybe if you can tell her to say hello to me lol on the tv that would be ausome so are you happy that you have 8 CHILDREN. Im sure you and your husband love them and sometimes its probley really rough like when you guys were on the plane going to well i forget where but there was to much snow and then you broke out crying i felt really sorry for you but then at the end it all worked out any way im sure you have tuns of difernt letters to read so i’ll let you get back to them well byee and i hope you have a great happy entertaning life and it would be great if you could email me back at well ttyl byee swettie!

  • I love the show. I have two girls 18 and 16 and then I have a boy who is 3 1/2. the same age. John and Kate are very blessed. My son would love to have that many brothers and sisters. He pretents he has a brother named Luke. I am 41 too old to give him a sibling. Don’t be sad about individual attention. My son would trade it for all the fun they have..

  • Hay Gosselins. Its Kendall Silva from Petalum CA. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your show. When ever I watch the show it always makes me smile!!! I think you are great parents and your trying the best you can to raise 8 kids. I want kids one day too but it won’t happen for a long time now because I’m only 13 years old. I have been watching the show since it started airing. Mady, Cara, Leah, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Alexis , and Aiden are such great kids! I would love for the kids to say hi in some way like saying “hi Kendall” or something.

  • I am so happy I got into this site and read up on your life.. What a great job you both do and the childen are so loving, I can’t wait to see the show I would miss anything BUT NOT YOUR SHOW… I love to meet you all some day!! GREAT LOVEING FANILY! If you can do such a G~R~E~A~T J~O~B with them this age you have not a problem when they reach the T~E~E~N~s I keep watching and enjoying your show LOVE YOU GUY’S Newfoundland is a great place to visit and I find the room if you ever want to come for a visit!! MY DREAM WOULD COME TRUE!!

  • SORRY MY E-mail is:
    If you can ever get a chance to read your mail I can send some realy nice Newfoundland picture’s of alot of pet’s farm’s here! I know how you love the pet’s. LOVE YOUR FAN Eileen

  • hi i am a big fan i think that all of your kids are adorable and very cute i also think that you two are very good parents of 8 children mady cara hannah leah alexis collin aiden and joel. even though i am only 10 years old i really like and enjoy watching your show it is good and unpredictable !!!!! 🙂

  • Wow! I’ve never heard of anyone these day with over five or six kids. I come from a family of eight kids and I am the youngest, so I saw this on facebook and thought, “Do they have eight kids is that what this is about?” I’m definitly looking forward to catching the show it looks really interesting!

  • i jest wented to say i love the show and i wish they will never stop. i never miss a one. kate keep up the good work and dont stop what you are doing you are super mommy

  • I absolutely love this show!!! I am a 22 year old, an only child at that. I have no idea how I would manage with all those other brothers and sisters in MY SPACE!!! I’m not spoiled I’m just not used to it. Would have loved to have one or two, but I can’t control that, huh. I really commend Jon and Kate for their hard work and through all the stress, wanting to give advice to the viewers. I also commend Kate for having faith in God. “He will NEVER put more on you than you can bare.” As Kate stated in her advice, “Count your Blessings.” Even when you’ve had the worse day. There are many Blessings in store for you and your family in the futute. I pray for a financial Blessing from now until the day they graduate from college! Being in a single parent house-hold (again an only child) I watch my friends struggle fincancially through college, but they made it by FAITH! I pray that nothing stops them from matricultating through college right after high school! I’m in my fourth year in college now and I know you will be proud of all 8 of them, as my mother is proud of me!!

    I would love to see this show run until their high school years. If it begins to be too much, we would love to hear of any updates of Jon and Kate plus the lovely 8!

    Thanks for encouraging the world!

    Keep the Faith, Don’t give up!

  • I would like to know the brand of the handbag that Kate carries…the one jon gave her on Valentine’s Day.I love the show….my whole family does.We have 5 children.

  • Hey Gosselins Family!

    Im just wondering, do you know up to what age you are going to continue the show??? I would love to see it all the way through there teen years as well. I just wish they would show the episodes during the day and not at 10:00pm or later :O(

  • I was just wondering if anyone ever figured out where Jon bought Kate’s tote on Valetine’s day. I have been doing alot of research trying to figure out what brand it is or where it came from but I am not coming out successful. I was just trying to see if anyone has been successful.

  • Patty Cushman,
    you are obviously not a avid watcher of the show!

    kate has gone to the spa a few times, but dont you think she deserves it, you try holding 6 babies in you at once.

    and as far as her treating john like s***…so not true, u can tell the love they have for eachother~ ya they bicker but all married couples do, and if you watched any of the episodes they will explain that bickering to you! and john doesnt have a problem yelling back!

    <3Gosselin fan

  • i adore this show and all that this family stands for and has grown to be. I watch every week, and as I am not a mother yet, I would be grateful to have an ounce of Kate’s organizational skills. She gives great advice, and I always learn something new from watching episodes. The dynamics of the family are wonderful, and I love how they try to promote individuality among all eight kids, and make it a point to achieve quality time with each child. I have seen families of 10+ and kids always seemed to get “lost” in all the chaos, and it was sad to me because they never seemed to be heard. Jon and Kate work very hard to never let that happen and i think they are doing a WONDERFUL job:)

  • I am a college student and absolutely love watching this show! Besides being entertaining, it is so interesting to see a family’s day to day adventures without a phony “script” added (like most reality television shows). I love Kate and Jon and find them hilarious! By the way, Jodie really deserves more credit, she does soo much for those kids!! Hopefully Kate and Jon treat her to a nice meal or something in return for her work.

  • I am a mom of 3 children 14,16, and 6 and I live in Michigan.
    I really enjoy watching John and Kate every chance I get it is a wounderful show to watch.
    I think John and Kate do an awesome with all 8 of there kids and the love they show is remarkable.I think all of the kids are adorable and fun to watch. I tip my hat to John and Kate for having the courage to give birth to all 6 babies.
    Great job I will continue to watch your show keep up the good work and love your kids everyday.

  • What a beautiful, functional family! They are both remarkable parents! As a teacher for some 14 years and having worked with so many children raised by a wide variety of parenting styles, this family is, by far, an example of exemplary parenting.

  • Hello Kate and Jon and entire bunch, you have the most beautiful family. You both are very amazing parents. Allthough my kids are teens and I have 4 and yes they are teens and as they get bigger their problems also get bigger, so in saying that I wish you the best of luck with that. May god bless each and every one of you. Thank you for taking the time and reading this!!! I really enjoy your show!

    Thank you,

    Crystal DeJarnette

  • I love the show. I think that it is great that they make a special day for each of the children.You can see how special they feel on their day. When I am cleaning poop out of the crib at 2 in the morning, or dealing witht things that I think are hard or never going to get done, I think of their family. It really gives me inspiration and patience. I have raised my daughter (1 year old) on an organized routine and it has been great, and i plann to raise my next (due in december). It can be a MAJOR problem when you try to go somewhere new for an extended period of time where the routine might now work. When people criticize her for being organized and having the kids on routine, its what works for her family but might not work for others. i could not imagine having cameras in my face all day long! You would definatly see me slap my husband a few times!

  • I’ve been watching your show since it first started. What beautiful children you both have. I can’t even begin to imagine the daily frustration along with the rewards that goes into raising 8 young children. I only have one complaint. Kate, please, please, please,stop belittling Jon the way you do. He seems like a great guy who really loves you and the kids. I’m sure their are many women out their who would love a fraction of a husband/father that Jon seems to be. I’ll continue to watch, but I cringe at the way you treat him. God bless!!

  • I absolutely love this show and watch it religiously! Kate has such good morals and I love how she teaches them to the children (who are all adorable!) While she is controlling, I know she doesn’t do it to be mean; it’s just her personality. My mom’s the exact same way and why it does get annoying, I don’t resent her for it and know her children won’t either. They’re all so well behaved, and her and Jon always make up after she (or he) does something the other doesn’t like. The fact that they can make their marriage work and are successfully raising eight children is just amazing. I wish the best for all of them 😀

  • I believe the purse Kate got from Jon was a Chanel bag (saw posted on another site) but I still can’t find it. Please post here if you are able to find it. Awesome tote!

  • We love this show! All of my kids love to watch every Monday and any reruns that happen to be on! They are a REAL family…with kids that are angelic one moment and cranky the next…with parents that sometimes bicker and disagree…but there is nothing but love as the base of it all!! It drives me crazy to read all of these “hate” posts regarding Kate, though. She is not a she-devil, ya’ll. She’s just a normal person like everyone else. She’s gonna bicker with her husband, sometimes he’ll yell back, sometimes he won’t. Sometimes he’ll deserve it, sometimes he won’t. Let he who is without sin cast the fist stone. Lord, I’ve knows I’ve been grouchy and snapped at my DH at times! What matters is they love each other. Give her a break people!

  • Hello there guys I just thought that I would write to let you all know that I have a 3 yr old litle boy that just loves your show! Its one of the few shows that he gets to see, he loves the girls so much when the show is on he calls them his girls. I also have 3 girls that also love the show like I said or should say its the one time we get quiet time. So just thought we would let you all know how much we love you guys

  • Every monday night I watch your show with my three little girls whos ages are 6,5 and 3. My five year thinks it is the best show ever and thinks that it is extra special that your six babies have the same birthday! I love to watch the special things you do with your children on everyday basis. The episodes when the kids all got to have a day alone with Kate and/or Jon was awesome. I only have three and sometimes it is hard to get time to spend individual time with them. That was really a fantastic thing to do. My girls ask to watch your show every monday and they can tell them all apart!! We feel like we have really gotten to know you and your children and you are wonderful people!!

  • OMG! I am a huge fan of your show.I think all your kids are just the cutiest Alexies is just a bundle of joy. I have a 1 year old as well. Just when i think things are hard i see your show and i relize it could be harder. I think you and John are great parents and i love the advice you give. Me only being 17 i do need alot of help raising mine. I love your idea on organic i have just started feeding my daughter the same thing.I hope you have time to e-mail back if not i tottaly understand. you and john are really nice for allowing everyone to be able to see your personal life.You and john are really a great couple and i wish the best luck to you both. Well me and my boyfriend love your show and we hope you keep playing it.

  • I, myself, never miss an episode. It is so re-freshing to watch a young couple coping well with their children. Jon is a real ‘hands on’ daddy and does it so well. His even temperment and sense of humor is always great to watch. Kate, is an amazing Mommy. Her organizational skills are outstanding and making organic meals and not junk food (chicken fingers and fries) says it all. It can be done, and done right if you want to take the time to do it. All of the children are so precious and fun to watch. I do have to say that I have a few favorites but I seem to love all of them just the same. Keep up the wonderful work Kate and Jon you truly are amazing parents.

  • i watch the show from australia, where i now live with my 4 1/2 yr old daughter. she SO wants a baby sister;as i can’t explain to her how she herself was never supposed to have made it to life, i can’t promise a baby sibling either. instead we watch the gosselins.

    for all you out there picking on kate: you have no idea what goes on in a marriage. at least when the kids are put down and it is just the two of them, he is lovingly attentive to her. some of us have husbands who barely notice we are alive! personally, i’ve had so many miscarriages, i can’t (don’t want to) recall the number; my insides, my metabolism, some say my emotional stability (and the rest of my body) are shot because of the effects of infertility treatments; i’m sure kate’s body has that feeling of similar abuse. yet jon makes sure he complements her and cares for her.

    if he ever wanted to pick up some extra money, i suggest that he give lessons in “how to be a good husband”—i’d sign my husband up for the first term and buy a shot gun to encourage him to attend! (joke)

    kate may seem tough but those drugs can wreck one’s endocrine system, thyroid glands,joints, sleep patterns, thing that the docs themselves had no idea would be affected by the meds use. give the woman a break!

  • Hi kate why is Madi so mean to the kids but never go in to time out . will Hanna ever get a hair cut ? were do you live and who loves aadin more

    jon do you ever get collin and joel mixet up and can aadin see or dose he need glasses if you didnt have 8 would you have more then 3 and is cara doing good on the piano…

    All be watching

  • My 20 year old daughter and I watch your show faithfully. We have made it a programed it as a series recording on the T.V. and we watch them every night. Some nights we watch 2 hours of the show. I’m happy to see that Kate got a new camera. The children are adorable and so loving of one another. I applaud your discipline technique. Kate can you please give Jon a little more time to talk. I’m sure he has alot to say but you never let him finish a sentence. I know you don’t do this intentonally, but you should see his face when you over talk him. Keep the episodes coming and may God bless you all.

  • Hi, kate i love youre show i relly like alexis shes like a bundule of fun and leah is so cuteand so is hannah and the boys are so cute i wish u the best

    Love Katie

  • Hi, I just love this show, how is kates hair cut in the back her stylist does a good job. it is so cute. and what does she do to keep in shape besides running after the kids. and why does she get on Jon aboout his looks his hair his weight and all. He is a good man love him as he is… Good men are a dime a dozen…her comments hurt.I know she loves him and wants the best for him but, encourage don’t belittle. U think?? also I think they are doing a wonderful job with their family. I hope this show stays on for a long time…

  • Hi my name is amara I am 9 yaers old and I watch your show every day and night I have never missed an episode when you have a new episodcan you give me a shoutout if you are reading this I know everybodys name aaden,alexis,hannah,collin,joel,leah,mady and cara.One day I I wish I could meet all of you guys.

  • I am a mom of a 24 year old, whom I love dearly. I am also a teacher. I love your show, and love to see how your children enjoy life. Kate, you are an amazingly organized mom. Jon, you are such a delight to watch interacting with your children. Some dads aren’t as “hands on” as you are;the children are and will always benefit from your involvement.

  • does anyone know where jon bought kate’s purse on valentine’s day??
    I also wanted to say how much my sister and I love the show, we do not miss an episode including the reruns. Keep it going, you guys are great. God Bless!!!

  • hi im rebecca im 13 years old i really like the idia of haveing a special day for all ur children but one thing id ask you is how will aford braces for ur kids that need it or how will you hadle the cost in the fucher? or when your children get into fation and the new in stiles at expencive stors?

  • i just wanna say that i looove love love the show and everytime it starts and u guys say its a crazy life but its our life it makes me very emotional i dont know why even wen im not pmsing hehehehe i hope u guys dont stop filming beause the show is really good

  • My 5 year old greandaughter and I have watched the show from day one. We are about to quit watching it becaue of the way Kate treats Jon. It is obvious Kate loves being on TV. The discipline the other children get, doesn’t seem to reflect the discipline Maddie and Cara receive.. I can’t believe the tantrums Maddie throws. Kate, you explain as “Maddie having one of those days”…….She sounds spoiled and undisiplained……Kate, you claim to be a nurse, and yet you were grossed out when you had to take Jon’s stitches out,,,,,,, You think maybe TV has gone to your head????? I am sure all the extras like your tummy tuck, Jon’s hair inplant, etc. were paid for by the show…..If you continue to abuse Jon and show favoritisim to Maddie and Cara, we will quit watching your paid program…….I think I have seen you maybe work one-on-one with possibly 2 or three of the children………Hold each one, once in a while and who cares if they get their hands dirty………My grandughter has been helping me put in a garden since she was 2…..Guess what, she now has her own golf clubs and can play better than most adults…..Got her hands dirty too….Kate,get off your high horse and ne yourself. (without cue cards and directions from your producers.)

  • OMG….what a horrible post by Dottie Hill. I feel quite the opposite. How boring if Kate didn’t have character. How frantic the family would be if she weren’t in control. Treat Jon badly?? Does this person know what she is saying? Jon is a big boy, man. He can defend himself. He has had words with Kate and she and he have worked out the many kinks together. There is love in that family. It is so apparent. I hope again, Kate and Jon hit the “delete” button on that one. I absolutely love this family. It makes me wish that I had had a loving husband and would be there for me with so many little ones. Thank you for this show. I adore it so much. All my love from Littleton, Colorado.

  • Wow, I agree with Sherrie. Do any of you who are posting negative remarks about Kate have a set of twins and sextuplets? Who are you to judge anyone in that situation? Jon and Kate are BOTH great parents. They love each other and know how to deal with each other’s personalities and that is all that matters. They provide very normal lives for their eight children who are all happy and healthy. Jon and Kate do an AMAZING job with their family and I couldn’t imagine any two people being able to do anything better.

  • Reasons I no longer have any respect for the Gosselin parents:
    1. Jon needs to get a real job and stop living off the show and his kids.
    2. They are not grateful for the freebies they get. Kate sells her kids free clothes from Gymboree and Gap kids etc on consignment. In fact, ever wonder why the kids play in the garage and driveway all the time? It is so the kids don’t get grass stains on their clothes. Kate can’t get top dollar for dirty clothes. How about giving back by donating those clothes to other more needy families.
    3. KatesStates they don’t have a college fund for the ‘tups. When in fact, PA Lt Gov Catherine Baker Knoll donated the PA TAP fund for all 8 of the kids when the ‘tups were born.
    4 Kate Treats Aunt Jodi like crap. Won’t let her get paid for letting the TV crews into her home and taking care of her 8 children. It is true, check out Jodi’s sister’s blog with a video message from Jodi.
    5. LEAVES her 8 sick children with Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin when AJ and UK have 2 (out of 4) suck children of their own. God bless AJ and UK. And the all important reason was so they could fly across country and get HAIRPLUGS for John. NUTS!
    6. Claims to be so green but always uses paper plates??
    7. Joelgate-who leaves their sick child by himself on the laundry room floor?
    8. They have had so much given to them and from what I understand, none has been donated back. I remember checking their website in the very beginning. They were auctioning off items that had been donated to them. How about giving back to the community that gave you so much??????
    9. They make $65,000 / episode but claim to be so poor and can’t afford anything.

    There is much more but I can’t even write it all down. I have no respect for those parents. God bless those sweet kids. I hope they make it out of this OK.

  • I watch the show almost every week. I think the Gosslins are an interesting bunch. Kate seems to be a caring mom and John a good dad and husband.They both do a good job raising so many kids. However, I am one of those people who thinks that Kate need to treat John a little better. I DO NOT think that Kate is a bad person but she treat John like a child and doesn’t let him make any decison about running thier household.In the episodes where they get in arguments Kate always end up getting her way and a lot of the time she starts the arguments. I think because Kate is older than John and she has to keep 8 children organized all day she ends up treating John like one of the kids. Kate means well but she needs to learn to compromise with John. Kate is lucky to have a husband that always lets her have her way. Anyway, I will continue to watch the show and I hope there are many more seasons to come.

  • does anyone possibly know where they bag came from that Jon bought Kate on Valentine’s Day or what brand it may be?

  • hi im emmy im jon and kates number 1 fan just to let everyone know i watch their show all the time its on every monday at 11:00 and 11:30 same for all week and its on at 4 also i know the scedule and i know how there kids are they are the best and im glad to know then

  • Hi I have been hooked on Jon and Kate Plus 8 for weeks now since I have lost my job. You guys may my day go be very fast. Jon and Kate I would enjoy babysitting for all eight of you kids sometime. I love kids and they seem like they would be a delight to be around. They would make the day be a happy day. For someone who suffers from several disability’s that they live with on a day to day basis.

  • I love your show!!!!On your next new show please give a simple thumbs up or down for me.youguyes ROCK. Now it’s time to say goodby so,goodbye Alexis,Hannah,Leah,Joel,Adain,Collin,Maddie,Cara,Jhon,Kate!

  • JON AND KATIE PLUS EIGHT! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN ARE ADORIBLE! I really love to watch Aiden he’s so funny and he wears glasses!!!!!!!! I’m obsessed with all the kids! I love this show! It’s the greatest show I have ever watched! My Mom writes: I know I should not have a favorite, but I do! Aiden is so sweet and kind – he is the most entertaining to watch. There is never a dull moment with him. The fact that ge refuses to grow up, makes him even more enjoyable to watch. I treasure watching him progress through the years. He will certainly develop into a fascinating, kind and compassionate man.

  • I really enjoy watching the show. Katie you are like a role model to me I have one daughter and work about 50hours a week and It’s hard for me to keep things in order but you have 8 and you seem to make it look easy your house is alway just clean. I would also like to feed my child more organic but I just can’t afford to. However I do try and make sure she get’s fruit and veggie. Anyways I do love the show it’s the best.

  • Does anyone know by chance what brand that bag was that jon bought kate on valentines day, I love it and was trying to hunt it down. Thank you so much :0)

  • I was wondering if anyone knows where Kate gets her hair done in Pennsylvania? I would like to get that exact hair style and would travel from VA to get it.

  • Today was a bad day spent fighting for rights for my son who has ADD, I was feeling low & turned jon & kate plus 8 on & im just so thankful for this show, thank u kate u cheered me up & continue to do so with each show!! Thank U for allowing us in ur home, its a blessing 🙂

  • The show is often fun and the kids are adorable, but I think that Patti hit the nail on the head in her post: Kate is an absolute beast towards John! I sometimes think that the show, besides showing the kids’ growth and memorable moments, is also documenting the slow disintegration of a marriage. Unless John is super-human, he won’t be able endure that sort of condescension and belittlement forever. Hopefully I’m wrong about that, for the kids’ sake.

  • I can’t figure out why people are so jealous of Jon,Kate! I think they do an amazing job with their entire family. What couple wouldn’t argue with all that stress? I think they work together better than most couples would.

  • I love Jon and Kate, I have two kidsd and I don’t know how Kate does it with 8. My hands are full right now. While I’m at work I seek and watch the show. They need to keep up the good job that they are doing. GOd Be Wtih Them no what they are doing.

  • Just was wondering why Madie gets by with the way she acts. All the little ones get time outs. Madie does far worst things and never ever gets in trouble. What is she special for some reason? I don’t think that is fair.

  • I love the show and watch it every chance I get. Both John and Kate are wonderful with the children. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where they pruchased the large plactic alligator that one of the girls plays with.

  • I know what kind of bag Kate got from Jon!
    It’s an Ann Taylor Loft Canvas Tote with Patent Leather trim, item # 151587. Per the Ann Taylor website, they no longer have the item for purchase. I located it by using and listing the description by “geometric print canvas tote” and it found by reviewing another style by ATL very similar, so I clicked onto “see similar items” and it showed the exact bag Kate has. I would also try Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Burlington Coat Factory for one, you never know if they bought some overstock. I wanted that bag too! Look at Nine & Co totes for something similar as well! I love the show, and think that Kate’s just a human like the rest of us. She does the best she can.
    Ditto for Jon, he’s human and loves his wife, faults and all.

  • I USED to love this show, but as with most people who get their own show like this, the family changes and its no longer a reality, I WISH my bills were 800 a month MAX, and the money they make from magazines, interviews,the show and free trips they are always offering?? minus the help she gets in the background the film crew once in a while capture??? that was NOT what she was about in the first few episodes. She is milking this for all she has,John no longer works and is on the gravy train so not sure where he pretends to drive off when he says dad is off to work. UGHHH, its sad how quickly some people will change when money starts rolling in.


  • Hi my name is cassidi i am 12 years old and i am in 7th grade i love the show my favorite ones so far is Alexis and Joal i can say all the names cause i have them memmroised theres jhon kate maddy cara collin joal alexis hannah aden lexie sorry i cant spell them all right i am a big fan thanks for reading this if you do thanks

  • You have a beautiful family and I think Jon and Kate are doing an amazing job !!!!!! I love your show, because it is so real (ups and downs just like any family). My 2 children absolutely love your show too. Best wishes for your family !!!!!!!!

  • I love your show and your family. I think you are doing a great job as parents and it shows in you sweet, lively and healthy children. Don’t listen to a word of the negativity! It’s appalling! Especially when a pair of parents clearly love each other and their kids. People seem to have such negativity in their hearts, but I think it’s commendable how gracefully Jon and Kate handle it. God Bless!

  • John & Kate + 8 is a heart warming true story of an American Family. They handle the every day whatevers of a normal family and it is a joy to stay up and watch all episodes that are on tv. I could just put my arms out and give those children a big hug and cuddle them. John & Kate too.

  • I’m wondering, initially she was pregnant with 7 but delivered 6. There’s no mention as to what happened with #7. Was there a complication?

  • hi!!!! my name is morgan!!! i am 12 years old!!! i am watching your show right now, and it is the one about the veiwer emails. well, i herd you say you wanted a little dog! i have 2 little dogs and they are great!!!! my dogs are yorkies!!! i think that you should get one if you want a dog because they are small, and they dont shed at all. they are also lovebale and they cuddle up right with you! your kids would love it!!!! also i just have to say that you are all so cool!!!! i love watching your show!!! hope you keep doing the show!!! i wish the best!!!! 😀

  • Sorry I cannot believe these people are selling their children to the highest bidder. Jon & Kate Gosselin you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • hey i just want you to kno i never miss your show and that i luv your babies to death and i would do any thing just to meet them so i hope to have the best life and keep up with tohe good work that your doinluv you and your family

  • I loveeeee the show, I have no kids, I’m not married yet. I only 24 but those kids stole my heart! Alexis and ethan are amazing. Well the entire family is.
    good luck, god bless. 🙂

  • hi. . . im paige i love this show i watch it ever night all though i am a teen iam 15 years old it;s just so funny to watch to kate and john fight their kids or so cute. and i could never imagine that en body could ever have that many kids ! !well g2g bye WISH TO SEE SO SAY:)

  • Wow! Im 21 and Im expecting a baby! I dont know how you do it with 8 kids! Great job!!!!!! My 14 year old sister has an aim acount and really enjoys your show, she was wondering if you had an aim acount? If so her screen name is hayyitsbritt.
    Hello this is Brittney Tori`s younger sister. I really want to talk to you! So I was wondering if you had a screen name if you do…..LETS CHAT!!!!

  • Hey its me again. You should get dog! But then again you have enough to handdle right now sooo if a dog is in the near future I would recommend a golden retriever! My older sister Teresa has 5 kids and a golden retriever, and it is a great dog with kids!!!!!

  • Are there any grandparents? Speaking as a grandmother, I cannot imagine not being there (at least sometimes) to love and help with the kids. I don’t recall even a mention of grandparents.


  • The show that amazed me was when she was offered a free tummy tuck and when she made her appointment, asked for a breast surgery as well! That’s some nerve! This man was offering his services for the tuck and she had the nerve to ask for more? It has been down hill for me ever since watching the way she treats her husband who needs to stand up for himself and put her down a few pegs. It’s sad to see the two girls pitching fits all the time and backtalking their parents like they were their servants. It started out SO wonderful, but now, I can’t make myself watch it anymore. Too hard to watch the way she acts.

  • I am 11 years old I love to watch your show!!!! How do you do it with all those kids I would probably pull my hair out if I had 8 kids!!!! You 2 must be miracle parents or something!! God has blessed you.Mady and Cara must help out alot!!! I think Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Collin,Joel, and Adean are soooooooo cute!!! I am like Mady and Cara I do not have a favorite I like them all.Mady and Cara remind me of me and my little sister Kendra!!! Tell everyone I said hey!!!

  • I was wondering how Kate’s hair is cut in the back, I just love that style. I watched the show for the first time last night and love it!

  • dear Jon and Kate,I love your show!!!My brother is 19.I watch your show with my mommy.What’s you fave t.v show?Will you get a dog some year?LOVE bailey h a 9 year old girl in 3rd grade.

  • Dear Jon and Kate
    Thanks for reading this. I am 14 years old and watch your show as often as I can. Kate you said you want a small fluffy dog and Jon doesn’t,You guys sound like my mom and dad on that topic. I personly perfer bigger dogs while my mom doesn’t.If you do get a dog it might help to look online for the right breed. It’s only 17 days till Christmas!! A good present for the kids might be a fish or something small.
    Have a merry Christmas and A happy New Year!!
    Sincerealy Kazia

    P.S I love the kids they are so cute^_^

  • Oh I can’t find your e-mail and I don’t want to put mine online. If you could relocate it or have said some time on air that would be the best.

  • hey john and kate and kids i love yr show becuz i love kids im only 15 but i take care of kids all the time and i also have a kid of mine own and shes 2

  • I just love your show in love each in every one of the kids.Just hang in there in keep up the good work that you both do, god in in your prays,love you.

  • I am all about the Gosselins! I have their book and DVD’s. I have also created a colauge on my wall of the kids. I try really hard not to pick a favorite, but they are so cute and I have to say that I love Joel Kevin! He is the baby of the ei8ht and so adorably cute! I know so mmuch about them even their birth order and middle names (except Jon and Kate’s middle names). Here it goes: KATE GOSSELIN, JONATHAN GOSSELIN, CARA NICOLE GOSSELIN, MADELYN “MADY” KATE GOSSELIN, ALEXIS FAITH GOSSELIN, HANNAH JOY GOSSELIN, AADEN JONATHAN GOSSELIN, COLLIN THOMAS GOSSELIN, LEAH HOPE GOSSELIN, AND JOEL KEVIN GOSSELIN. I also know that Kate had to go through infertility to get pregnant because she has polycistic ovary syndrome (no clue what that means)! Well, time to go and watch the new episode I had recorded! Merry Christmas Gosselin Family and a very Happy New Year!

  • To Cheryl in California: Kate has said on one episode that the kids do have grandparents, but they aren’t apart of their everyday life. They want to know they can do this without the help from a mother or father. She also said that unlike other people with multiples they don’t have their kids grandparents living right around the corner helping them with everything that comes up in their life. I mean some of their grandparents live in Maui, Hawaii!

  • Where is Beth Carason lately? I see her in reruns, and I do not recall in the current season that Beth and Bob have ben on, as well as I have not seen their children. I t seems like Kate was using the oldest daughterr to babysit and clean for Kate. I know from early on, John&
    and Kate were always doing something with Beth & Bob as well as always going to church with them on Sunday , and there after, there was usually a funny story Kate and John would discuss after the Sunday their familys’ were together.
    Any ideas? The only things that I can think of is Beth may be out promoting their first book, they wrote together.
    It just seens they were so close and the twins were so close to the daughter, and also, everyone loved Beth?

  • I really love this show… I think Kate i the best mother ever… N John is a good father…. I love the fact that event though they have a lot o small children they still find time to do the things that a normal size family would do.. i just love them all… 🙂

  • Hi,my name is Sydney and I LOVE your show Jon and Kate + 8!!!Out of all of the shows I watch yours is my favorite. And I’m not just saying that I really mean it.
    Well anyway I’m almost 10. I try to watch your show but ican ony watch T.V on the weekends. Do your kids wath there T.V show that they are on???? I got your book and DVD for Christmas and I’ve watched every episode on it 1-29. Speeking of Christmas, how was yours? Ibet your 8 kids were realy looking forward to christmas.I don’t have a favorite of your kids they are all so cute!! Your book is really good. All of the photo’s in the back are really good and funny pictures. I’ve watched your show for about a year now. Cara is a bit like me.She is everyone’s friend that comes in your door and i’m a llite like that. I really like your show.
    GOD BLESS!!!!

  • my friend love yall she has ur book she 9 years old her mom and dad would not let her get the book but her grandma went and got it for her

  • Hi again have everyone seen the cruel things people are saying???? I mean i’m almost 10 and think this is so mean. Jon and Kate also TLC please don’t take the show off th air!!!! You have so many fans and that would make au very upset! I’ve already cried a couple of times when i read the measseages!! GOD BLESS!!!!

  • Hey Jon Kate Joel Cara Mady alexis aaden collin hannah leah. I love your show I really want to meet you guys so look me up in a phone book and call

  • Cheryl~~~Yes there are grandparents, but Kate has shoved them out of their lives, because they didn’t know ‘how to help’ and those are Kate’s own words. Her dad is a preacher and he tried to take up donations from his people at church and Kate didn’t like the donations because they were not matching items, so she told him to go back and ask for money instead and he wouldn’t do it, so she fot mad and has been mad ever since. Kate is also mad at Aunt Jodie and Beth. Who knows???

  • leah, joal, maddy, cara, lilly, madlen and 2 more. how would jon and kate could get care of 8 kids? if kate and jon wanted to get bussy then the kids can go outside.

  • Hi Jon,Kate and family i love watching the show Kate your so funny to watch cause one little thing goes wrong you freck out your a beiatful spelled wrong sorry lady and Jon isnt so bad the kids r cute I only have 2 and somedays I cant take it your doing a good job dont worry about what others say about your big family god gave you them for a reason so enjoy them they grow up fast my son daniel is going to be 12 on the 23rd time goes be so fast good luck in everything you do and kate I saw your belly before you had the tummy tuck I have the same thing your lucking that doctor took you in and gave you the tummy tuck you look good hopefully someday itll be my turn anyways i have to go im also a nurse take care tell everyone hi

    Daniel Courtney

  • I watch your show all the time. I just want too know how you do it all day? Long does john help out all at? And do you us fight about the kids at all?

    How does it feel to have 8 kids? In the same house hole do the kids fight a lot over toys?

  • One more thing i would like to ask when is your new show coming out? And is it true that you are moving to a biger place? And when are you moving?

  • Hey I love your show. Ever since the day I saw it for the first time i watch every episode, I have never missed one. I was watching the one where you were looking for some one to be around and help out and I went in and I told my dad that I would move there and help you out. I grew up with raising triplets so I have wanted to get in touch with you. That would be my dream job to be a nanny for you. I am 18 and just got done with school but i have always loved kids and every time i can i baby sit and hang out with kids. If you could get back with me that would be wonderful.
    Britteny Snow please keep in touch.

  • Hello Jon Anf Kate Ur Children Are So Cute And Handsome I Watch Up Show Everytime It Comes On I Would Love To Meet Ur Family So If Yall Can Come To Kansas City Ks Than Iwill Be So Happy So See U Soon I Hope Well Talk To U Later Or See U Guys Soon


  • i totally agree with suzanne..thye have loads of money n get to do anything they want in life…n now thy have this huge house..what bull s..they only do the show for the money..i wouldnt like to subject my kids to camera crews everyday n growin up on tv..i feel sorry for them…what about all these other familys with multiples.i cant watch the show no more

  • I hope people start boycotting shows like this. This is not how true multiples are raised they do not have video crews substituting as baby sitters as one producer has done on the show. Families of true multiples do not get paid for their children to be filmed. They do not get free trips to fla or ny. the moms don’t get free tummy tucks or free hair plugs for dad or a new bigger house to move in. The dad is an it tech and the mom was a nurse. How stupid can you be to implant 6 embryos when you are in the medical field. I am tired and sick of people who use IVF try and get as much money as possible. Get a real job, stop using your children and I will and hopefully no one else will watch the show where you exploit your children so you can get a tummy tuck. You should be ashamed of yourself TLC as well as Jon and Kate.

  • The little children are so adorable. I am especially partial to AAden. Mady is a brat and she will continue to get worse while she grows up and becomes more like her mother, ungrateful.
    Kate treats John like she is so much better than he. He is treated like he doesn’t belong until she wants him to do something. She corrects him as if he doesn’t understand english.
    If John is so stupid I am sure there are more than a few woman that would be happy to have him.
    Kate needs to stop complaining and start counting her blessing. After all she isn’t all that!

  • I used to be a fan of this show at the start but the more I watch I just can’t take Kate and her negative attitude twords John. She is always putting him down and being sarcastic to husbands in general. It’s a blessing she gave up nursing! If her treatment of John is any indication of her bedside manor the nursing profession is better off without her!!

  • hi im samantha and i live in e-town i also go to your church. your kids are awsome.i can name all of them. cara,mady,leah,hannah,alexis,collin.aaden,and,joel THANKS

  • i look up to u kate. all the trips and activities you do for them. your a great mommy. love you all. god bless

  • i was just scannind through the comments. dont pay them no attention. there just jealous. we got haters every where.

  • i love jhon and kate plus eight its my fav show
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a bff named Alexis And her sisters are Mady and Cara cool eh!

    god bless

  • Dear John and Kate,
    i just wanted to say that i love watching your show. every monday after work i’ll come home and turn the t.v on to the TLC channel and watch John and Kate plus 8. i heard there was a rumor going around that You both getting a divorce. God!!! i hope that is not true. people that starts rumors on other people, i guess doesn’t have anything else better to do and in reality they are miserable and want to make someone else miserable. and Your children need the both of You and You need them. kate i adore You for how You and john are raising your children. i’m adopted but from my birth mother i have 4 brothers and 5 sisters. several of us are adopted, cause our mother didn’t want the responsiblity of raising all of us. and by watching your show both don’t put up a front like everything is all peaches and cream..i like that you both are straight forward and honest. please tell cara, mady, alexis, hannah, aaden, collin, leah and joel, that julie from georgia says hello and to stay sweet and be safe and stay in school get an education, go to college. cause out here in the real world it’s tough. please take care and may God bless all of you.

  • hey guys…you guys are my everynight show i lov watching you guys…and your have so very cute kids and i am madly in love with your family i am only 13 but i watch ur show all the time…you are blessed with some beautiful kids and a loving family

    take care and love you all…god bless all of you

  • hy my name is deborah i am from puerto rico i love your program i see it every day i wish i could met u guys that is my dream you think it could be come true

  • Hi ,Kate i am so sorry that other pepole dont have anything good to say .I love your show .I have 4 kids one set ot twins,and two older boys .I love all that you do with your kids .I wish i could do that but I just am not organized like you are Kate .I look up to you . and may GOD Bless you.I hope you and jon stay togather for ever for both of you and all of them cute kids….keep up the good work.

    p.s. I think it is funny how you and jon
    argue,you remind me of me and my hubby LOA.
    I laugh all the time my whole family loves all of you .Ihope you stay on TV for a long time .
    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was impressed with the show when I first came upon it several years ago. Lately, I have become totally disgusted with the way Kate treats her husband; how can any person who supposedly loves their spouse denigrate him on public television?!
    As for Jon, I have much respect for him. He is laid back and allows the children to be CHILDREN, unlike Kate who seems to orchestrate their every move.
    It can’t be easy looking after so many children, but others have done it without all the publicity. in fact, the publicity seems to have gone to Kate’s head (literally and figuratively).
    When watching current episodes, I have noted the bored look when it isn’t all about HER.
    Jon, I hope for the children’s sake that you stay in their lives, however difficult that may be for you.
    Has anyone suggested couples counselling?
    God Bless!

  • Hi there I am Darlene. I live in California and I watch your show. I think that itit wonderful you try your best to do things with your children.I am hoping your guys will coming back for Season 5. But I know it’s hard. With 8 children it hard to do things. But I like your show. Plus the children is so cute. I wish I could met you all. But I know its wishful thinking.Well God Bless you all May He give You both the strenght to take care of your children. Again thank you for a wonderful Show.You both are a good couple.

  • I have a question, friends of mine were sitting in a restaurant here in Pa. near Hershey. They over heard a conversation that John and Kate have been separated for quote some time and John was living in a hotel. These were friends of John and Kates….
    I realize the show is taped way in advance, and makes money for the family and they have a contract. But these people were sincere, and spoke about the family like they had know them for a very long time.
    I watch this show and feel the public needs the truth… or no money.

  • Does anyone know where Kate’s purse is from that she was using on the last couple episodes, she has it on the show’s from this past Monday.

  • Hi there again. Its me Darlene from California. in my last comment on March 24. I forgot to tell you bothjon and Kate that you bothare good parents. You know how to entertain your children at the same time they are learning things too.Other than the show, you are providing for tour children. Not like the lady who had 8 children who is getting welfare for her children. I think you both are better.Alos Kate about the lady in one episode that you hired to clean your house. One lady says she cant not get downon her knees to scrub the floors because she has arthritis in her knees. I have arthritis but I scrubs my floor on my knees.And another lady did not move the books to dust and furniture to dust. I see your point. dirt or dust is not good for children with Asthma. My son had asthma when he was in 5 grade. He is now 22. Does not have asthma. I guess a clean house did it. Right.I have medical back ground too I worked as a Certified Nurses assisitant and Caregiver. I am still a care Giver. Again good luck and Godd Bless you. And May he give you both the strenght to do what you are doing for your children.

  • I just wanted to say i love the show john and kate plus 8 I love all the kids very much they are all so cute and they all have cute personalities. I love them all because they are all different I would love the show to continue until they leave home even if you cut back on when the camera guys come to record the show. I love your show alot and i watch it everyday even the old shows. my favorite show is when john and kate got remarried that one brought tears to my eyes I think that John and kate do a great job with there children. Please continue to air the show I would love to see even who the kids marry if they choose to get married. I also love the appasodes where john and kate spend one on one time with each kid. One thing i would love to see them do is a thanksgiving show and easter show. your doing a great job mom and dad keep up the wonderful work god bless you both

  • Why does John look so miserable all the time. You can tell he’s not happy at all. Kate is such a bitch to him. I hate how she talks down to him all the time and belittles him. He works hard but that does not seem enough for her. It’s sad to watch at times because Kate does not seem to have any affection for John.Kate is such a type A personality and organization seems to be her priority at times.I wish them all the luck with their marriage.

  • You people have GOT to be kidding me.
    This show is so stupid!
    You could bring in a camera man to anyones house and film them.
    Thats all they did with this show.
    I can’t believe that sooo many people watch this.
    I have nothing against them or the kids…but I don’t see any point to watching these people on tv.

  • ok so i dont know what is wrong with you ppl.. who in their right mind wants to sit and watch a mom and dad chase their kids around the house all day? In their show all they talk about is how their the “all american family” when Jon/Jackie Chan is out cheating on kate.. wow thats great. And kate is out in god nows where writing a book while Jon is out screwing whores. And guess what? People like us that watch the show are making them millions! For what? so he can go and run around on his wife all night? I dont know who gave them this show, but they are pathetic! AND ANYONE WHO WATCHES THIS SHOW IS PATHETIC TOO!

  • Yes, Kate treats John poorly sometimes, John treats Kate poorly sometimes, they both get tough & stern with all 8 kids sometimes. Guess what, people? They are “Human”! Parent’s have to be “Uber” organized just to get through the day with that many kids. I grew up in a family of 12 children! I know what it is like. My mother was basically a single parrent. She did a wonderful job raising us. Our father(s) were never there to help. John does his share to raise his children with Kate. Everybody has problems in a marriage, with children, with family. It is called Life! Now there is a rumor floating about that Kate is having an affair. Does that make their lives our business? If it isn’t on the TV program, then it doesn’t. I agree that it is difficult to separate their public and private lifes, but we all have to try to do our best to remember that. Remember, love makes the world go ’round’. Love Papa Larry H

  • Aiden is my favorite of the eight. He is adorable and charismatic! The way he bonded with that zoo curator was so precious…
    Mady is a little brat and I can not stand her!
    Why does Alexis pet sick children? Hasn’t she ever heard of SWINE FLU. If one kid from John and Kate got swine flu they could take out a small colony of people!
    John is whipped!!!!!! =D

  • Jon and Kate I watch your program tonight. I see you and Jon are you children’s 5 birthday. I must say I am sad to see you both unhappy. especially Jon. All I can say is that God Bless you both and that you can work your problems out for the sake of your children. I hope you will get back together. I watch all your programs as much as I can. One of my clients where I work at also watches your program. And is very sad of whats going on.Good Luck to both of you.

  • All I can say is that God Bless you both and that you can work your problems out for the sake of your children. I hope you will get back together. I watch all your programs as much as I can. One of my clients where I work at also watches your program. And is very sad of whats going on.Good Luck to both of you.

  • DEAR kate i am a nine year oldgirl .
    I love whatching your show!.
    last night i cried but teers of joy.
    the best part of it was the babys 5th
    I only wish i could see you in real life.
    i have grown to know just about every body
    in your family.
    so well I feel like i am a part of your family.
    I hope youir show gous on for ever.
    ,your biggest fan stephanie

  • Kate is getting a bum rap. I see her as a mother — person — dancing as fast as she can. If she doesn’t keep up with the needs of her family — it could turn very bad for everyone. She’s very hard on Jon — but again, I see Kate is desparately trying to hold on to the events of her life — and her barking at Jon is more desparation — coming across as abuse. She’s actually crying out to Jon for help — albeit she can sound abusive. I can remember when I had one 4 year old and a one year old. I felt desparate much of the time, to say the least. Kate can’t AFFORD to let it overwhelm her — as it does, anyway, from time to time. But with two kids, I never felt like I was OFF. People say they should work out their problems “for the sake of the kids”. Well — that idea never works. They need to think in terms of ironing out their problems for their own lives. Thinking and doing “for the kids sake” is how their marriage got in trouble in the first place. They just had no time for each other. One more thing — they knew rather early in Kate’s pregnancy that there were 6 “fetus’s”. They didn’t abort any — they hung on to the little lives. I can understand the motive for going “public”. It is a survival technique. Now they can provide for the little guys — where, without the income from the show, they may have been in very desparate financial straits. Kate’s dancing as fast as she can. Why do us American’s feel the need to tear public figures apart? Give her a break. How’d you do with six 5 year olds — 24 hours a day??? Maybe a little desparate?

  • I think she’s turned into a monster. She’s let the money go to her head and feels she is better than everyone else!

  • Hi Kate. Are you ok. I am watching your program this evening June 1,09. I am enjoying it. I found out that one of my co-workers watches your show. She likes your show as much I do. We try not to miss it. Kate I would like to know where I can get your books. I mean I would a signed book by you. Is there anyway I can get one signed by you. Of course I will pay for it. Thank you if you do send one.Also i see we have the same month of birthday. My husband and I are also in March.Good Luck and God Bless you Both. We love your program.Wish I could help you.Darlene from National City, Ca

  • I just feel so bad for this family. I have watched this family grow like the rest of you and think that they made the best choice for them at the time. How many of you would not want to be able to write books and travel the world. One parent is always home. Everyone always bashes Kate but I find Jon more of the problem. When you are ignored by your husband on a constant basis sometimes it becomes just a way to get his attention. I am not condoning it but look at it from every angle. Poor Jon…Poor nobody. They have all made decisions and now that s he is becoming sucessful she needs to be taken down a notch? I don’t think so!!! I am not a perfect mom or wife and I really don’t expect anyone else to be. Kate and Jon I hope you are able to work it out. If not, that is life. As long as you treat your kids well and keep your anger away from them what more can we ask of you.

  • No more, I will watch no more. These two people sold their family for money. Kate sounds very humble and John sounds so strong. But the show goes on, instead of the family. Wow what a mean thing to say?
    Early on Kate swore she would quit if something like this should/would happen. But the network has them reliant on the money now, and their life is the show. Not their life, jobs, and family like in the beginning. Okay it sounds like their kids didn’t come first. Well this is the way it is, “ the more money you make the more you need.”
    I for one foresee the show going south. Then maybe the extra money and comps drying up First. Next John in hock up to his eyeballs in child support. Kate having a hard time with relationships. Finally John finding a job and a relationship causing him to see his kids less and less. Kate might have a carrier for a bit as a celeb. But it will die out like so many others before her.
    Look this all sounds mean. But this is the real reality of what happens more and more now a days. The strength of the show was the Ideal of the large loving family. The last few months it the drama of the divorce coming. Now its over and the network had it Exclusive..!
    All the wile the network is looking to the next (replacement)big show. Because they know the in and outs in this industry. They, the string pullers are now going to faze them out. Oh yes they have promised all they could, so as to get the drama of the separation. But now it is over and they will be most likely fazed out by newer shows involving the family.
    There is a slight possibility they could make the show work in this format. But I am confident the network doubt it. But they will make a good showing just in case.
    Most likely John will be fazed out first and a new name will pop up like Life after John, or Simple life of Kate plus eight. But the back bone of the show is broken. Kate snf John also have lost her creditability.
    Okay these show’s have destroyed another family. Like so many others shows of this type. the cast took a hard look at themselves on TV. Then tried to change into something they were not. Pride of being a celebrity, erased all the hope for the future. The same pride god condemned. But that is another story few in John and Kate’s life style believe in now-a-days.
    The Roloffs are for furthering the understanding of short stature people. The Duger’s are by far the strongest because they use their show as a ministry of Family Christen Values and would quit if the network violated that. For them I think money comes lastly, yet still ranks up there as a motive.
    Thought I am sure they make sound investments that will survive with out the show. These two families should come to talk to the two of ten on the how’s.
    No the network is in the business of making money. They will do anything to keep them on as long as there is a profit left to be squeezed out. Also now that the big D has hit and the show has had the exclusive. The network will move back to strong Family Values and the profit there in.
    See its not the executive that decide, rather they are fired if they do not do what the Board wants, LOL. Make money…! And they the Board always get paid.

    Thank you,

  • Kate and Jon.I am sorry your marriage did not work out.I knew already you both were going to divorce when you both got marrige in Hawaii. I feel sorry for the children. They are now going to rebell. Maybe with this separation this will clear your heads and maybe you both can talk. Keep your children safe. Kate watch your hand. You mind is mixed up now. Be careful. You have lots of eyes. God Bless you all. And Thank you for your show.

  • bonjour je ne suis pas tre suprise de la situation de se couple . kate cest une cotrolante de vie , et jhon a fait sont po9ssible pour maintenire la famille le plus lomtemp possible ensemble. que kate arrette de tout controller et ont veras . elle la se quelle merite …….

  • Kate, the Network is a business that generate money. You and your partialy family were living of this generated monies; now see the consecuences you are very smart if the show endes you will continue generate money on books,interviewes, etc. Because of your kids: thats fine if you can do it go ahead. I was fan of your program but i stoped when i realize that you and the network TLC continue with the episodes making more money with out telling the public that were problems between you and john. Was obvious that on episode of the (5th birthday)both were distant and you make a comment for the paparatsis saying that it was ridiculus for them to taking fotos of you and your family . Being or staing in the eye of the public (reality show) you should know. John and You were victims of this network co. that the only thing that matter is money; now you have a big house money saved hopefully for the kid’s future but no complete family .Now John travel to france with the little girlfriend with the money that we generate watching the episodes and you stay at home with your kids;why TLC didn’t take care of the kids and send you and John to France for a couple vacation it would generate money too but the network didn’t care what hapen between you guys again (victims) thanks good you make money thousand of families with the same quantity of kids in the world lucky you.

  • how you do it i donot know it is hard to take care of one. I really do look up to u I love wacthing your show. Jhon he needs to grow up and quite acting like the twins when they were babys they act more grow up than he does.

  • Mais reveille toi
    John a sa pare aussi, imagine pas qui a rien.Il autant d’argent que kate.kate est peut etre chialleuse mais jonh donne pas sa place non plus. Il a des tores lui aussi ses pas un ange. Kate je la trouve smart de continuer tout seule et oublie pas que ses john qui a pris cette désition de partir comme une lache.

    D’une fan de john and kate plus 8

  • hey ,i know that you two are going through a rough time though but i wanna ask is it hard taking time off from the children

  • I don’t know why alot of people think kate gosslin is a great mom.She always has helpers with her.She is all about money .she is just using her kids in my opionion for money.She looks @her kids and says money for me .Everyone can see that she was rude to her husband and embarressed him right on tv.It was like she thought she was to good for him so she didn’t care what she said to him.She wants to be on every show just for money.These are all my opionions.I have a daughter that really likes kate and her show she thinks if people really knew kate she is differnt that what people think.

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