Christmas Just for boys

Just Like Dad

There has been an increasing amount of products that parents frequently use being shrunk down to kids sizes.

It just goes along with the growing trend of high end products for kids. A lot of these toys are name brands that have some prestige to them. Your child will no longer be playing with his no name vacuum cleaner, now it will be a Miele vacuum cleaner.

At this rate my sons toys will be better than our real products…

This work bench is a “BOSCH Toys Work Station”. It is cute and has lots of accessories for your 3 year old.

This set comes with the workbench, workbench top with learning functions, vice, accumulator screwdriver, bolts, nuts, planks and a wide range of tools.

It is hard to find and if you want it for Christmas you will have to order it soon. The only one I could find were in the U.K. at
for 59.99 £

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