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Kelly Clarkson Is Not Loving Her Pregnancy!

For months Kelly Clarkson gushed about how much she wanted to get pregnant and become a mom. But, now that her dream is becoming a reality, the experience is not what she hoped it would be.

It is estimated that about 90% of women experience some degree of nausea or vomiting during their pregnancy. Hyperemesis gravidarum, ‘a complication of pregnancy characterized by intractable nausea, vomiting, and dehydration’ is only thought to affect less than 2.0% of pregnant women. Kelly, it appears, may be in that lower percentage.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the 31-year-old singer vented to the host about how “miserable” she’s been feeling during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

Kelly Clarkson talks about pregnancy with Ellen Degeneres

“I vomit a good dozen times a day its like bad. I vomited before coming out here,” Clarkson shared. “I’m not even kidding, it’s so bad. It’s so bad. It’s, like, so gross. And that’s the thing too, you’re not attractive when you’re pregnant. Everybody tells you [that] you glow and your hair is pretty and your nails are pretty. That is total crap. My nails are short, my hair still falls out — it’s not all lush and beautiful — and I have no glow. Unless it’s, like, something left over from a bad throw up. It’s horrible.”

Eleven weeks along, Kelly told Ellen she thrown up every single day – except for one.

“I had one day — it was either before Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving, I can’t remember — I didn’t throw up one time that day. I literally cried to my sister and mom I was like, ‘It’s over.’ They said it would be abrupt and it would just end. Then the next day, nope, it just picked on right back up.”

“It’s miserable,” Clarkson added. “But I’m so happy I’m pregnant. I just wish he or she would stop trying to kill me.”

Kelly Clarkson performs on Ellen Au contraire. Her little one is telling her that they are doing well!

Researchers believe that morning sickness occurs shortly after the fertilized egg attaches to your uterine lining and the body starts to produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). As a result, nausea during pregnancy might indicate that a mom-to-be is experiencing the normal climb in pregnancy hormones needed for a healthy pregnancy.

The Mayo Clinic also notes that nausea during pregnancy might:

  • Reduce fetal exposure to potentially dangerous substances in your diet
  • Encourage you to eat foods that contain certain nutrients, such as those rich in carbohydrates
  • Prompt you to adjust your activity level to favor maternal and fetal tissue growth

In many cases morning sickness subsides by week 20.  So hopefully Kelly’s body will give her a bit a reprieve soon!


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  • Totally not the case for me HG still going at 26 weeks. Ps it is nothing like morning sickness. I was throwing up to 30-40 times a day at one point and lost twenty pounds in a month and a half. And no you cant at anything barely drink if you are lucky. I still g for fluids two to three times a week and am on a zofran pump to control vomiting. I now vomit up to eight times a day on a bad day. It isnt to be treated lightly like this article makes it seem….

    • I am so sorry to hear about your HG. We are well aware that it can be very dangerous for some pregnant moms but were keeping the story light because it was a celebrity piece. When I was pregnant with my son I roomed with a mom who was hospitalized for it and needed to be nurtured through a PICC line because she couldn’t even have a sip of water. I hope that you are able to stay healthy for the next few months so that you can possibly enjoy some of your pregnancy. Thank you for your comment.

  • Being a sufferer and a survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and knowing what those of us who suffer from HG go through it is heart-breaking to think that this condition is always made to seem like anyone could handle it. Or, even the most likely comment: “It’s just morning sickness; get over it”! So, many of us have lost children to Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and to compare Hyperemesis Gravidarum to morning sickness is just wrong. I think the world should become educated about Hyperemesis Gravidarum and then the two should never be compared to one another again. P.S. If it had been announced that Kelly Clarkson had cancer, no one would downplay her condition or act as though it is a good thing… saying things like “As a result, nausea during pregnancy might indicate that a mom-to-be is experiencing the normal climb in pregnancy hormones needed for a healthy pregnancy” or “Au contraire. Her little one is telling her that they are doing well!” Doing well, she said it feels like the baby is trying to kill her… Does that sound like the little one is telling her she is doing well? There are different severities when it comes to HG and each woman/pregnancy is different. Therefore, it is vital that mommy and baby get early, proactive and aggressive treatment to ensure that she can become stabilized throughout her pregnancy. If you or someone you know is suffering from severe pregnancy sickness or have been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) please direct them to these websites and groups to help them get the support they need,,,,, and it is noteworthy to add that HG is just as serious as cancer!

    Vanessa Pack
    HG Survivor
    Ayden Rae Foundation
    Founder & CEO

    • Hi Vanessa,

      It has never been reported that Kelly Clarkson has Hyperemesis Gravidarum, it was just an observation that I came to while putting the piece together. I FULLY understand what moms-to-be with this condition go through.

      And while I would never dismiss the effects that Hyperemesis Gravidarum has on a woman’s system while she is pregnant I would never, ever compare it to cancer. Those who are currently fighting cancer or the many families who have been left behind would also agree that a condition that effects women while they are pregnant should not be compared with a DISEASE takes the lives of 1,500 people per day.

      • Hyperemesis is a disease and she wasn’t comparing HG to cancer, she was saying IF Kelly had cancer you wouldn’t have downplayed that the way Kelly’s sickness was downplayed. I had HG twice. I had 6 picc lines over the course if those two pregnancies to feed me, I had a 24/hr zofran pump to try to help me not throw up so much. I went weeks without eating or drinking only being kept alive by my picc line. Then I ended up having complications with my picc that included two large DVTs and eventually pulmonary embolisms. I spent months in the hospital and could’ve lost mine and babies lives. Finally at 34 weeks both times my body gave up and my babies were born. It is so frustrating when people downplay what is a serious DISEASE. Because that is what it is.

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