Multiple Births Quintuplets

Kenyan Mom Welcomes Quintuplets

A first-time mother welcomed a set of quintuplets today — eight weeks before the estimated due date.

The babies, who are seven-and-a-half-months-old, will have to stay in the incubator at Jamaa Hospital in Uhuru for at least a month.

The five babies, who arrived via caesarean section, weighed between 1.35kg and 600g.

They new mom, Ann Kariuki, 27, breathed a sigh of relief after delivering the five tots between 2.34am and 2.42am with a time interval of four to two minutes. She had been admitted at 1am in labour.

With tears streaming down her fatigued face, Ms Kariuki could not hide her joy and worries over how she was going to pay the huge medical bill or care for the babies.

“It was a real hassle. I could not sleep or walk, but I’m very happy. I appeal to well-wishers to help me,” she said. Doctors had feared the pregnancy was ectopic.

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